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Grey Past Darker Future

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Supplies are running out. All i have is some food/water , a rifle with 10 rounds and friends from the past , a grey past.

We are forced to take instead of give. We set up a roadblock in Chernogorsk , to ensure our survival above others. We take them by surprise while they are in their vehicles. Not a chance of escaping.

We take their supplies so we can survive longer , While they scramble to survive after we have taken from them.

I am stationed as their over watch , on the rooftops. while they take.

Some try and resist. In vane. We had to kill people in order to take , just for our own survival.

Is it all worth it? Time will tell.

We took a man's food and water , told him not to turn around. He was desperate , he had to take care of a family. But he came back.

I shot him in the leg with my rifle , he couldn't run. The horde of infected were on their way. I turned around and did not look as he screamed in pain.

Some laugh , some smile. Most are silent. Most of my people were convict's in the past. This includes me. I have murdered , trafficked drugs and hurt people.

Most survivors look for supplies in towns , but it runs out. No more point in going through every town to try and find a little can of beans. That time is over. We have to do things in order to survive. Bad things.

I can't write no more as in a few more minutes another vehicle will try and pass.

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It has been a few days since we have seen anyone pass by. Food , drinks are running out. And so does survivors.

We had the easy life at the start , plenty of drinks and food , Traffic.

It is all slowly running out.

We are hungry. No one to take from , all we have left is a few cans of soda and a piece of old rotten meat. Not sure if my hunger can overtake the smell of that thing.

What does the future bring us. Cannibalism? Are the minds of people slowly turning into the infection itself? No one knows.


We have set up camp just north of Chernogorsk for the night. We lit a fire from some old tree branches we found laying about. We don't want to make unnecessary noise , like cutting down a tree.

We have send Thomas and Ray hunting for animals down into the forest while it's dark. You never know when one of those survivors come back for revenge , no need to be visible during the day.

We have made some tents with branches and leaves for us to rest in.

We have been standing at our roadblock since early morning. I don't know how long , i have lost track of time by now. I will rest at the campfire with my friends until Ray and Thomas's return.


They came back after a few hours with a dead boar. It has been at least two days since we have eaten properly. We tried to mask the smell of meat as we cooked it. Didn't take long for the infected to turn up. We left in a hurry and forgot some of our sleeping bags we carried around with us. Too bad , we can't go back now.

These infected will be there for the next few hour's looking for meat.

Is fighting for our lives every day worth it?

Has this struggle to survive overtaken my mind?

How long will this struggle continue. One day , we will be the hunted. By other group's looking for us. They are trying to set up some kind of government in the north , or at least that's what i have heard by some lone survivors before we robbed them.

Stupid. Pointless.

These infected are not as dumb as people think.

They investigate smell , sound even movement. We have seen pack's of infected move together out of town , looks like they can't find enough food either.

Can't be long until one of us will be surprised by one of these while we sleep.


We moved our camp , far away from towns.

It's cold. Really cold. No sleeping bags. only our backpacks and clothes. We made another fire , a small one so no one can see it from far away. This provides some heat.

Everyone is sleeping now. I will write tomorrow when i find time.

I woke up first , startled by a noise coming from the deep forest.

Screams. Screams of agony.

I woke up only three of us Ray , Thomas and Kevin to investigate.

Turned out to be a man , stuck with his foot in an old hunting trap.

Cut to the bone. He begged for us to help him.

We tried breaking him free from the trap. without success. He desperately tried to make us use our guns to shoot the damn thing apart.

"No" We said we have to preserve our ammunition in case we really need it. Us before others.

"Cut it off" We offered. The man begged us. Please don't cut it off.

We needed his supplies. We are running out. I knew he wouldn't live even if we got him out of that situation. That rusty old trap as cut into his flesh during most of the night. It will start to get infected and he would have died either way.

I don't feel bad for what i did to him.


I saved him the trouble , in a way. I felt the need to do it quick with my Taurus , in the head.

I pointed the gun at him. He couldn't speak , you could see him try to but nothing came out.

I didn't wait for him to speak. It was over for him , his agony. Pain

It is going to come for all of us. Sooner or later.

He was young. Looked like he was around his twenties. Russian kind of accent. Bah i can't tell what it was.

Can't actually believe he survived for this long with no means of self defense but his own hands.

We took his supplies. Well not really "His" supplies anymore.

When we came back to camp they were all awake. They heard the shot.

Well awake. We will tell them while travelling back to Chernogorsk.

I will write further there.


What are we to expect of the future?

A proper government?

Eradication of the human race?

I can't get my mind off such things. I live by the day , expecting to not be here the next.

In order to survive you have to be strong. Not everyone has it in himself.

It has been raining for hours , feels never ending

It's cold.

We saw a group of people in the north peak at us with their binoculars.

Couldn't tell if they will return. Time will tell.

Why am i writing? is what some of us asked me.

I tell them that i write to pass the time.

I lied.

I write because i want to be able to look back on how i was before i went insane.

It is coming. I know.

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Quiet. It has been quiet since this morning. It is foggy , can't see a hundred meters. Fire's try to keep us warm.

Can't feel my legs. Cold.

Those people with binoculars returned , this time with more. Yet again peaking at us from the forests above. We don't know who they are , or what they want. They clothe them self's as some kind of military group.

Big guns. They are not here for a nice chat , they would have done that already if they were. They outnumber us by eight people. God knows if there isn't more. We will just have to find out and see.


They want to kill us

We are fucking stuck in this building next to the hospital. Surrounded by furious people.

What do they want from us?

Revenge? Supplies?

We have lost two already , shot in the head from the forests. Heavy guns. We tried to fight back. We killed two or three , we don't know. but there are too many. We are hiding in the apartments. It has been an hour since we have seen one. We don't know if they are still around but i fear the worst.

Ray is keeping watch now. I am next.

It is really dark outside already. We are escaping from this place at midnight.

The look on everyone's faces. Confusion. A lot of confusion. But most of all. Terror.

We will fight till the last man. Nothing left to lose.

A mans life is worth nothing anymore. Every day people die. Sooner or later there will be no one left.

I must keep watch now. No more time to write. If we are to die in this apartment today then these are my last words.

Surviving till now wasn't worth it.

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Can we have another part? :)

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[mp3]http://puu.sh/aWpNt/bca2169252.mp3[/mp3] <- click it


It follows me everywere

Most of my people are dead

Some escaped and some are left to scream with their guts torn out.

I am alone. Darkness surrounds me. Cold

My radio and my gun is all that i took during the total chaos

All i hear is my breathing and the blood that is dripping on the floor below.

Why do we fight?

Blood everywere.

I cant run anymore , i am tired of running.

I found a tree to slowly lose the little vision i had

More screams in the distance. Gun fire so loud it feels like my eardrums rupture.

My friends. Dead or lost in the chaos.

My head feels like it will explode.

The world is spinning before me.

Breathing seems impossible.

Coughing blood.

Will they ever find me? Dead or alive?

Was it all worth it?

I wonder

I will now close my eyes

And lose myself until i find the light

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My eyes slowly open

My heartbeat pounds through my head

Dried up blood on my lips and chin

The world still spins around me.

I wasn't sure if i was dreaming or not.

The light shines into my eyes. It burns

Am i dead?

Is what i asked myself.

I can hear voices in the distance. Shouting and arguing

My eyes open further. I attempt to lift my arm to shade my eyes from the sun.

Too heavy

Too weak

The voices are coming closer.

I want to shout but i can't

I am weak. I don't deserve to live.

The people that i loved.

My new family


I drift away in the darkness.

Unsure if i will wake up again.

I wake up to a sound of an engine.

I can feel the soft seat of a car at the back of my head

Before i realise where i am i hear an unfimiliar voice.

"He woke up!"

A soft voice , a young man

I look him directly in the eyes unsure if i should be happy. As these men were not my family

"Can you speak?"

Is what he asked me while the man driving is silent

I noticed more men in the car , all of which i never seen before.

I didn't say a word yet. And he asks again.

"Do you speak? Do you speak english?"

I nod my head. Still weak

He must have noticed my confused and scared look in my face. As he said

"There is no need to be scared we will take care of you"

They took me to a camp location somewere in the woods were they layed me in a small make-shift bed next to the fire.

I asked who they were.


Thats what they told me.

"Just people"

I wanted to run. I didn't know where , but away from here. I don't know these people.

I asked were my family was.

"Your group? They are all dead. Riddled with bullets. Left for the dead to feast upon"

I didn't believe them. They must be alive.

Ed , Thomas , Kevin , Jesse , Sten , All dead?


They told me i can sleep here and rest until i recover from the gunshot to the chest.

They bandaged up the entry and exit wound. Saying it should be fine soon.

I will have to trust them

I will have to stay here with these people. Until i am strong enough to find my people. The people i call my family.

New family

I will now rest and recover until then. This journal will be closed.

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It has been a while since i wrote in this Journal.

The people i am with turned out to be good people as far as i know.

They give me food and water , share stories and tales around the campfire at night.

There are 4 of them.

Three of which are men and one woman. She seems to take care of my wound in my chest. It is better then it was but it still feels shit.

I never tell them who i truly am. The things i had to do in order to survive. To protect my friends and the ones that i consider family.

I tell them my name is Achak. I ended up here by just traveling around the world after i earned money back in my homeland.

It's all a load of bullshit , but they believe it.

I will find my family once i recovered. I believe it

Since everyone is already sleeping and the fire is about to go out , i might aswell take a nap myself.


I woke up cause of a scream , very loud pretty close by.

I tried to see what was going on but it was still dark

Screams followed by gunshots. It comes closer and closer.

Then before i realise what is going on one of the guys called Adam grabs me by the arm and says we need to move.

I wasn't sure what to do. I stood up and i just felt a shock of pain shoot straight through my body. I am not fully recovered yet.

Screams of the undead are heard from the distance. Many of them , by the hundreds. Before we even got to the car one of the people gets grabbed and torn apart

He was staring at us when the walkers grabbed onto his leg and started biting his ankles

Have you ever seen pure terror in somebodies eyes?

Have you ever seen someone die and know that you can do fuck all about it?

I grabbed a gun and started shooting at the undead.

Adam rushed to the car to try and start it up to make our exit.

"The fucking engine won't start!"

Three of us were shooting at the undead. Dropping them one by one as they came at us for our flesh. Creeping up closer and closer. We couldn't keep up with the overflow of undead pushing through our small little camp.

A smoke grenade gets thrown at our car. Attracting even more undead to rush in.

There were people throwing smoke grenades at our camp to make the horde of undead sweep it of survivors.

Every shot fired sent a pulsing pain into my head.

Adam desperately tries to get the engine to start.

The woman makes a desperate run for safety towards the back of the car. Were she gets surprised by three undead biting her in the neck.

Screaming in pain we try to help.

Little too late

We are left with three

"The engine started get in get in quick!"

As we dash towards the car in the chaos of gunfire , the men that threw the smokegrenade opened fire on us.

Bullets fly everywere as we run for the car.

I managed to get in , but our last guy still had 5 meters to run.

Right before he reaches the car he falls over. Blood splashes onto the windscreen , Shot straight through the head.

Seconds after the blood hits the windscreen Adam starts to drive.

Windows start shattering , bullets riddle the car hitting adam in the leg and barely missing my head.

We drive off into the darkness. Not speaking , Barely breathing

Barely alive.

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We didn't stop untill we ran out of fuel , on a trail inside a dark forest.

Not a word has been spoken. His leg still dripping flesh blood.

Tears slowly crawl down Adams face.

"What now?" I said to Adam as he stared forward into the darkness.

It stayed silent for another 30 seconds.

"I am not the man i told everyone i am Adam"

"I know"

It was a clear night , a slight breeze

"We continue along the track on foot and see where we end up" Adam agreed and so we went.

In this short period i spend time with Adam. I grew attached to him , as a friend.

I don't make friends with what i do at Cherno ... The Block.

We only took and we never gave. We never tried and make friends.

Adam is a interesting man. He lost everything he had , but me.

He lost his wife and kids in the chaos. Traveling nomad with the few friends he had.

All dead.

We see a wooden house in the middle of the forest it seems.

I had to help Adam walk as his leg is getting worse.

I patched him up as best as i can , but did not do a good job.

We checked the house , cleared every room.

Untill we found them.

A dad , holding his only child in his arms. Dead on the floor with two empty pellets to their side.


There was a note on the shotgun.

Dear Maria

If you find this note. Then we will be in heaven

God has chosen that it is our time to go. The gates have been opened for us.

These mindless creatures are busting out the doors to try and get to us. I wont let our only child be eaten by one of those abominations! We love you forever Maria.

Your husband Peter and son James.

Adam glared at the bodies and stood there.

I noticed he was crying.

He bursts out into a rage hitting the chair infront of him as hard as he can.

"I can't live like this anymore! It has to be over , the madness!"

He collapses to the ground.

I tried to further treat the wound he has in his leg. The bullet is still in there and it seems to have formed into a nasty infection. Not sure howlong he can last with that leg.

We decided to bury the boy and man outside the house with the note taped on the gravestone.

As Adam looks for some proper sticks to use as a gravestone i hear a scream.

I sprint over to the scream i realise it is Adam. Stepped on a beartrap cutting deep into his muscles and flesh into the leg.

"Achak... I .. This is my end. You have to continue and survive Achak"

"My real name is Cojo. And i won't leave you here to bleed out"

After multiple attempts to get his leg out it was all in vaine.

"Take my pistol Cojo , you know what to do"

"I can't do it Adam..."

"The infected heard my scream you have to do it! I can't run! I can't crawl away into a bush! Please release me from this hell on earth and let me rest. So i can finaly find my wife and children again!"

I pointed the gun at his head and said:

"Death comes to all of us one way or another. Nothing is everlasting but the peacefull rest of death. I considered you my friend Adam. Good luck in the afterlife"

"And good luck to you Cojo. Please grant me one last favor and make it quick for me. No more suffering"

A little tear forms and slides down my cheek.

"It is over , my friend"

I squeeze the trigger and the sound echo's for a brief moment.

The stiff body falls to the ground as a faint blow.

I am on my own again.

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