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Walk The Line

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Ever since we got here, it felt like hell. My surroundings was filled with just silence and shots in the distance where ever I go. Its almost as if it is a war zone, and to me it is a war zone. Once we arrived here, people were calling us the 'Council' and saying how much terror we have brought to Chernarus?

To be honest I have no fucking clue what they are talking about but they must be some unknown force here, I never heard of them in my life but they must have startled the people a lot. But in the future I hope we find out who these council people are, as they will have one hell of a fight if they decide to start things up with us.

Everyday I think of whats going to happen next. Are we going to lose someone? Am I going to die? These questions fill my mind and its hard to concentrate on things. I think its worse here then anywhere I was ever assigned a mission. Shit has really hit the fan here.

But the other thing I keep thinking about are these groups here. They always think they are hot shit, trying to start shit up with us, and it usually ends up in their demise. But soon, as more people are coming up to us and trying to hurt my fellow members, I will hurt ANYONE who tries to hurt them. So far whoever tried to hurt them were always sent to me, as I am the one who makes them wish that they were not alive.

But the question I stumble upon to myself is that who am I supposed to be? Should I help these people, or should I not care whats so ever as everything here has gone to shit. No law, no penalties, just violence. Who is the person I should be? Well, I guess that question will always be on my mind. But i'll see what it turns to as the days go by here.

Our squad leader, Wesley, is one hell of a fighter. He is almost like a brother to me, saved my life countless times when in shit situations and always was here for me. He always cared about all the squad members and would put his life at risk to save any of us, as I would do the same for him.

Now I guess that I should stop writing now and get back to work. Wesley would like me to scout the area north for people.

*Sean closes the book and puts his hand over the picture of his family on the front cover and then slides the book into his pocket.*

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