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Guest Phalix

The diary of the hopeless

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Guest Phalix

Dear Felix,

Well. It's been half a year to this date.

A half a year has passed since your mother and father died. Bro I'm sorry, it sucks. It could of been worse- the men could of got you and Alex also. I know what they did to mom- the horrible things they did to her. But look at you soldier, you held your breath, grabbed your brother, hid, and forced yourself to ignore it.

I think it's better they ended mom. She would of suffered from the thoughts of the abuse. Dad- he went down swinging, just like you. With his bare hands he you watched him disarm and kill two of the bastard bandits. Sadly they other three were faster on the trigger.

Then there's Alex. One bite on the shoulder and he was a goner. You used the same shovel you used to bury mom and pop to take down poor Alex.

I hate to write this shit man, it kills me to do it, but I have to. It keeps you human. It keeps you /feeling/. It hurts- but it feels good in the same sense.

That was four months ago.

Now look at you- you're leading men around! How is a corporal like yourself able to lead around numbers of men around? Hell, that takes a lot of guts. Heh, you sure as hell got your name out there, on hitlist's of course. You wake up, kiss your dog tags, put on your game face, and kick ass(bubble gum not included). I know, at night laying under the stars and thinking about your family- it hurts, a lot. But those men you lead- they look up to you man.

If you take your fancy Beretta and put a bullet under your chin, then what?

What would your men do? The people you've helped and saved?

C'mon man, those thoughts of ending yourself won't get you anywhere. It won't end the pain, only end the chance of it getting any better.

Who know's? Maybe you have family here, or maybe you will start a family down the road? There's always hope man, never give up on it.

I have to go now, some Chedaki extremist just shot a bullet near us yelling "dogpig"- what idiots. I'll try to write once a week to you. Remember, I believe in you, and I love you.


Felix Valentine

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