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Luke Jones, born Friday 17th July 1987, was born in a small part of the United Kingdom, called Cornwall in the South West.

His birth parents, Julie Jones and Joe Jones, were together for 12 years before they had gotten divorced, when Luke was 9 years old.

When Luke was 14, his mum died of heart disease so Luke had to go and live with his dad and new step-mum, and this is where he met his step-brother Thomas Cole.

[align=right]Luke Jones' passport picture:



1.0 Early Life

2.0 Family and life at home

2.1 Parents divorce

2.2 Mother's death

2.3 Moving in with Father

2.4 Meeting Thomas Cole

2.5 Piloting and Meeting his wife.

3.0 Holiday to South Zargoria

4.0 The outbreak

5.0 Present

Early Life:

Luke Jones was born in the local hospital in Truro, the main city in Cornwall, called Treliske. He was born on the 27th July 1987, at approximately 08:27 (24-hour format).

He lived in the town of Redruth, with his mum and his dad, and started education at a local primary school at the age of 6. He studied at this school for six years, when he went to his secondary school and studied at this school 7 years, as he stayed there for sixth form. During his time here he had obtained pretty much straight As, apart from the one or two Bs.

Family and life at home:

Luke, as seen in Early life, lived in Redruth with his mother and father. His father was a well-paid doctor and his mother was a governor at one of the local schools. Both of these jobs were well paid, and they could afford to go onto quite expensive holidays.

When Luke was 14, his parents had gotten a divorce, as they found themselves arguing most days and felt that they were affecting Luke's life. Luke's father soon moved out within the same week. Luke had very little contact with his father after this.

For the next 5 years, it was just Luke and his mother. As his mother still had a well paid job, they still had a good income and were able to get things other families would dream of.

However, when Luke was 12, his mother was diagnosed with a long-term heart disease, and died two years later. This ad a huge impact on Luke's life, but he seemed to have bottled it up well, and not many people had known that he was in a lot of pain over it.

Luke then had to go live with his dad, where he met his unheard of step-mother, Charlotte Cole, and step-brother, Thomas Cole. Luke and Thomas son became good friends.

It took a while, but Luke had gotten used to living with his father, but he always kept a picture of his mother on his bed-side table.

Luke wanted to 'walk in his mother's footsteps', but soon disliked the idea of becoming a teacher. However, he did like the idea of becoming a pilot, and after years of training, that was paid for by the money his mother had left him, he became a pilot for British Airways.

This, of course, was a very well paid job, and he soon brought a new house.

During a flight to New York, he saw an air hostess who he was very 'keen' on, called Sarah. They started talking a lot, and became friends. Thye kept talking and meeting, and soon started dating.

They were together for two years before they got married and had their first child a few months after, called Callum. A year later, they had their second child called Joshua.

[align=right]A picture of Sarah Jones, snapped on the holiday.


Holiday to South Zargoria:

On the 12th July 2012, Luke went on a month holiday to Chernarus (in South Zagoria) with his wife, two kids and step-brother. They stayed in a 5-star hotel in a city called Chernogorsk, where they used as a place to stay only and went out travelling around the vast lands of Chernarus.

To begin with, they traveled around the coast line of Chernarus, looking at the lovely seaside and countryside. It soon took too long to drive to places, so they hired a helicopter and started their new adventure up North to look at places of interest up there, such as Devils Castle and Pobeda Dam (the largest in Chernarus).

During a car ride to Zelenogorsk (a large town to the West of Chernarus), they only made around half way, as they saw some human looking figure lying still on the road.

[align=right]A close up image of the figures taken by the police force:


As soon as they had seen these, they went straight to the police, who check it all out. It was later discovered that the rumors were true of an infection/virus.

The Outbreak:

Since seeing their first sighting of the infection, Luke and his family had taken to the forest to try and stay away from the infected. This, of course, was hard and most nights they encountered a good few lone infected, walking through the forest and they had no way to defend themselves, so all they could do was run.

It had been like this for a good week, until they had gotten split up. One night, a hoard of infected had came through the forest and Luke and his family had no way to defend themselves. They started running, trying to escape, but all went in different directions and got split up.

Since this moment, Luke has been trying to find his family. He was alone for months, before he had finally made his way to the coast line again, where he had slight knowledge of where he was.

He had stayed with a group called Veritas, but mainly stayed on his own and didn't go out much with this group.

The Present:

Luke spent years on his own, surviving in the forests. He often went into towns, to look for food and drinks. He had also found a pistol in a military building of some kind, which he used the infected to practice his shooting on.

On one of his 'supply runs', he ran into another survivor who said he was a Peacekeeper, named Matthew Heath. Mat invited Luke to join the Peacekeeping force, to witch he accepted.

You can now find Luke, with his new brothers, keeping peace withing the lands of Chernarus.

Luke is still looking for his family.

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