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Bryce lays under a tree, shaking and sobbing, trying his best to sleep.

Images of the day flash through my head, how my life had suddenly, in one day, fallen apart. In one week I would be as good as dead, hunted down by my past allies.

Bryce grits his teeth, anger flaring up again.

I was forced into working for another... slavery essentially. And what happens once I'm done? I'll be put down, like a dog! As soon as they let me go for the night (they knew I could't do anything, which infuriated me even more!) I ran to the radio station and shot up the computer they needed me to work on... see if they can force me to work now...

Bryce sighs, calming down a little.

It was stupid of me now that I think about it... now they've got no reason to let me live. To be frank though, I don't care. There was something about them having a clock on me, waiting to take me out... I feel better oddly enough now that my life is in my own hands. I will do what I need to though... I will survive. No matter how much I need to destroy in my path.

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I dont know why but when i readed the first part i instantly became interested.

Think its the layout and all anyway i like to read more.


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I dont know why but when i readed the first part i instantly became interested.

Think its the layout and all anyway i like to read more.


Thanks, I'll be updating every so often. Can't say yet but something is going to happen IG very soon that will be 'story-fuel'

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Bryce sits at Dragunzo Island, his right hand twitching as he stares out to the water.

I talked with Amy today... she wasn't happy about what I did... I know she wouldn't be but still, I was hoping she would at least understand WHY I did it.

She is right though, I need her to survive this. I can't take down a entire group of people alone, and I can't run. Not again. She told me about some sort of drug that can brainwash people, change their way of thinking so they obsess over someone and follow their commands.

She said if I take it she can get me out, she can give me more than a week to live. I don't like the idea, hell I HATE the idea, but it's my only option that I see.

Bryce's arm suddenly shoots out and knocks over his can of beans he was heating up.

I feel the drug taking effect... my thoughts becoming jumbled and it feels almost as if... as if... there was someone else in my head, another person having different thoughts. I still hear it, I see it... but my actions aren't my own, I feel my control seeping away the longer I wait.

Bryce starts slowing his breathing down and gets himself under control.

This is only temporary... I think. I hope. I can wait, I won't be enslaved forever... right? That's the doubt I keep thinking of... what if Amy keeps me on this drug? She says you become sort of addicted to it... so what if she just keeps giving it to me? What if she keeps me as I am? As a slave. What if... what if... my mind burns with these questions... *sigh* maybe if I just let go and let things happen as they will... I can trust Amy. I hope.

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Bryce sits at the top of the barn, staring out into the trees. Tears coming from his one eye, blood from his socket of a left-eye.

Where did things go wrong... when did I mess up and turn everything upside down? Everything used to be so simple, for Chernarus standards. I had friends, family, and allies. I was safe, no one was trying to kill me. Now days everyone wants my head on a silver platter. *Sigh* Where is Cowboy... I miss him... he used to keep me safe, away from these things. I'm realizing more and more that I don't survive well on my own. I am a rat in a corner, desperate to survive. I have done some drastic things to stay a-float.

Maybe that is what went wrong, I got to scared and lashed out. Suppose I've just made things worse for myself... and I think I'm still lashing wildly.

Bryce sets his gun to the side then bundles his bag into a pillow, resting his head, laying there wide awake for hours, thinking about the mess that is his life.

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Bryce stands there, his ex-father holding a gun against his head.

Why... why am I demonized? Everyone hates me... everyone wants me dead.

Bryce's eyes start to water and his throat goes tight.

Cowboy... the last person I trusted... the last person I could call to for help. He used to be my dad... after my real one died. He defended me from everyone, even was on my side against Sophia for a while. Now he's going to kill me because a few people say I caused Sophia to get killed.

He isn't even listening to me. I told him the truth and he believes others... doesn't even believe his own son. Fine then. The last thing I was living for was to defend those close to me. If the people I want to defend want to kill me then I suppose it is out of my hands. Let fate lay where it lays.

Bryce closes his eyes as Cowboy rests the gun against Bryce's head and says a prayer for him. All Bryce hears is a loud boom then nothing. Silence. Finally... beautiful everlasting silence. Release from the cold hell that is Chernarus.

// This is the official perma-death of Bryce Reid. If I ever talk of bringing him back yell at me and make sure I don't, please : P

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There goes amys test subject....looks like she needs to find a new one.

R.i.p bryce.. You coward

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