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I'm back... I think.

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Most of you wont remember me because I was... lets say quiet in the community.

But I logged in yesterday, RP'd for a while, but it didn't feel the same as when I was in a clan called 'The Aksakov Family'

So I'm wondering if I should come back or not.

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  • Legend

You have to let go :) The Aksakov Family is gone a long time ago, but there are other good Clans you could join.

If you stick to your old Clan of course it will not feel the same.

Try something new <3

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  • Sapphire

Welcome back.

Honestly, do what you feel is right. Playing as one character for a while (family character) could be cool, a lot of backstory and potential to it.

Or you could make a new character, join a new group or just go it alone. Either way, I hope you enjoy your time back.

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