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David Wolfe

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My name is David Wolfe but you can just call me by my nickname Wolfe. I have been in Chernarus for about 5 months now and I have been contracted by Tom Asheford. I work as a caravan guard and I get paid in food, water, ammo, and a place to stay. I don’t really have a use for money anymore since the world went to shit. He’s actually not that bad of a guy; his southern accent reminds me of Georgia. I was raised and grew up there with my father, my brothers Jonathan and Alexander, and my sister Elizabeth. My mother died birthing her last child Alexander who was considered the baby of the family. I was around 5 years older than Alexander and 3 years older than John. I remember how kind my mother used to be but even more than that I remember how kind my father was. When she died he became distant and cold. He was always in his study looking over papers and he had his sister take care of us. I grew up training with rifles with my uncle so over time I found out I had a knack for shooting. When I turned 19 I said my farewells to my family and left to join the military. As I stepped off the porch my father called out to me and I walked back up the steps. When I reached him he pulled out a locket and put it in my hands. ”Good luck out there Dave” he said to me with a smile on his face. Inside the locket was a picture of me and mother.

I served In the military for a while and was considered a pretty good soldier. When my tour was over I found that I actually enjoyed being in the army. When I went to re-enlist a couple of guys pulled me to the side and said that I was the perfect guy for their crew. They were an mercenary group called The Black Banshees. They offered me good money so I went with them. We toured almost all around the world and fought for just about every side. The more I killed the more I liked it. When I shot with my rifle and the bullet punctured the body of an enemy all I could feel was pure bliss. We were hired to go to Chernarus and combat some “rebels”. What they didn’t tell us was that there were no rebels and instead we fought these undead creeps. Within weeks they slowly tore our group apart. Some of us were bit and eventually killed or reanimated. The others ran or just gave up. It came to the point where it was just me. I met Tom and he hired me on as a guard. It’s a great job because I get supplies for my work and every now and then I get to kill something or someone. The world may have changed but that bloodlust hasn’t.

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