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Learn how to fly better TODAY


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So I decided to make a small unprofessional tutorial on how to practice and tips with gameplay about landing.

I speak really quiet because my mic isn't the best but I hope the commentary is a bit helpful. My commentary sucks since this is the first time.

My goal in this is to make the ones who isn't really good at flying and landing have something to practice with and get some tips!

In my video I show first how to config your save file so you can acces the full armory at singleplayer. After that I show some tips when landing at some usual places.

I once again just want to apologize for my bad commentary in general :P



Oh the thing you will need to paste in the config: ArmoryPoints=999999;

Thank you for your time.

- Enar

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  • Emerald

Yeah I suck at flying and I definitely need to train, I will check this out.

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I found that crashing allot helps when flying. I can land now without auto hover!!!!

biplane on my first go i landed it without much trouble, could be the only one :P

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