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Inside the Mind of Salvador/Gabriel Guadalupe

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I am hoping that this doesn't turn into a project that I abandon. At least it should, mister Guadalupe is my main character that I try to base somewhat closely to my self. My alternate characters are mainly for a different style of play or shits and giggles, but Guadalupe I intend to stick with until the day I am banned soon. If you are confused at times when reading this, good. That is the intention as these are the thoughts and experiences of a battered man.

In these series of entries, Gabriel will begin to slowly put the pieces together and eventually come to the realization of who Salvador is. These entries will based both on my own choices and interactions that happen in-game. I mean, its not like I planned Salvador to have a mental breakdown, I just rolled with it after a certain in-game event.

Bit of Backround

If you didn't put it together already, Gabriel and Salvador are the same person. After a traumatic event in his life, Salvador developed a split personality that brought out the worst in him. Gabriel thinks he was dirty cop/informant back in El Salvador for the Sinoala Cartel. He supposedly was one of the contacts in Chernarus that made way for the cartel to send members across the world.

According to his imagination, Gabriel was in hiding in the depths of the Chernarussian forest after the infection broke loose. The gap in his story occurs when he awakes with a bullet wound and wearing Salvador's signature uniform. He stumbles around until he makes his way to Dodge where he sees someone with a bandanna. The man recognizes him, but not the other way around. Gabriel mistakes him for an old enemy back before the outbreak and proceeds to beat the man to death. Covered in blood, he throws Salvador's uniform into an old basement and don's a black Adidas tracksuit and a green beanie that he found inside the man's bag. He then met up with the cartel, joined, blah, blah, blah.

Instead of explain those events in detail, I'm choosing to skip right to the point where he actually begins to realize who he and Salvador really are.

The First Piece

I saw a man today in very dark clothing. He stood in the middle of Prud, casually. He never spoke much, nor interacted with his fellow survivors. And yet the more I looked at him, the more this, feeling began to arose inside of me. Not the feeling of wanting to beat his face in, no. It was as if I was trying to remember something.

It wouldn't be the first time I got that feeling either. I would get short bursts of the same feeling whenever I would see Juggs. I would get dizzy and my vision would blur. And while this was going on, I would try and focus on the world in front of me, and see something else. A flashback, if that is the right word. Kinda like I was in some fucking movie.

Whenever these, flashbacks would occur, I would try and zone in on them. Each time they would appear, it would be a different scene. I try and piece each scene together in chronological order, like a detective. After seeing the man in black, I was able to put together a brief moment of the incident.

I, was the man in black. I was staring at Juggs sitting by the Prud campfire. To my left, a white bus. The campfire served as the only light source in the entire area, it was a dark night. I remain staring at Juggs for a good few minutes, until the silence is broken by a man's voice.

/"Salvador, will he be much longer?"/ he asks.

I come back into reality, being shaken back and forth. Its Don Viktor.

/"Oi, Gabe! You okay amigo?"/ he asks.

/"Huh? Sorry, I zoned out for a minute"/ I reply.

He returns back to his conversation, but I don't pay any attention to what he is saying. I try and decipher what had just transpired in my head. The man, the bus, Juggs. Why is this scenario playing out inside my head? But one particular question continued to ring out at me. Something I had been asking both myself and others who have said the same thing. Who the fuck is Salvador?

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My uniform allows people to recognize me. This is not a good thing. Today I decided to look more, militaristic and dress myself in a mercenary outfit over my normal Adidas tracksuit. The goal was not to be recognized, and yet, it didn't work that way.

These Englishmen approached me by the infamous S-GRU turn, asking if I was okay and whatnot. I was, looking for entertainment and asked if I could accompany them on an adventure with their vehicle. Surprisingly they let me in, but things would go downhill from there. These men where the infamous Black Hat Militia, known "bandits" in this province began to strike me in conversation. They immediately recognized me as a member of the cartel. We discussed relations and other boring things while in the car, normal shit when two business men aren't shooting at one another.

One of them however, Jibrael his name was, called me Salvador. He is the fifth fucking person to call me that. This time however, I persisted in this conversation to try and figure out who this man was. According to him, he was a former elder of the Brotherhood of Steel, and a good man who had helped Jibrael many times in the past. The more he spoke of Salvador, the more I tried to zone in on it and proceeded to blabber nonsense in future conversations to further decipher this mystery.

Unfortunately, this moment was interrupted when they proceeded to disarm me and take me to an old house to have a "chat." During this chat, I tried to analyze and study Jibrael's face, trying to remember if I had seen it before. When he finally told me his name, thats when it hit me. My vision blurred and I began to picture another scene. This time, the memory was longer but less clear.

the North Western airfield it seemed. There were two other men. One was American and the other was Jibrael. Our conversation was mumbled, but it felt awkward somehow. One minute we were chatting it up, the next the man charges me and puts a rag over my face. I slowly fade out of consciousness but can barely see and hear the man disarm Jibrael.

The memory ends there, with Jibrael asking me yet another question. I play along with their game until I am set free. I am still very confused as to why I am seeing these scenarios. I do not remember them fully, nor do I understand why they took place. But maybe Jibrael can help me with this mystery. After all, Viktor does want to do business with the BHM.

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