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A Background Story

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This is my characters story, Please leave your feedback I though alot on it.


I was born California, My childhood was quite unusual for growing kid. My dad works as an Engineer quite successful actually therefor he had many jobs around the world, We haven't stayed in one place for more then 2 years.. Difficult time for a child, Isn't it? Having no friends and family, Proper ongoing education, Having trouble with the language.

I have become a quite, Remote, Somewhat of an edgy person, But ambitious. I could not get along with anyone. We were in a pretty high wealth class, Spoiled.. I was not, Dad haven't raised me to be depended others when I grow up,The only thing he gave me was an old knife written on if the following, "Even when chaos comes, Your loved one will remain", It was my most valuable asset.

Grades were OK, I managed and graduated.. Eventually.

Around that time I was 18, and we moved to Israel, Quite a fascinating country.

I joined the Military having no choice, So I decided to make the most out of it. I passed all the test and got into the Air Force, Probably the most prestigious force in the army. During my service with no one to support me I work hard I crawled up in ranks, About 2 years later I finally finished flight training, One out of few and received my own F-16 aircraft. I was happy, Yet alone.

Few years later, I was about 24, I quite the army and left my parents house. With my fight training I decided to apply at a local flight company as a pilot, Got hired, Again went through training with a bigger plane. A year later been in a full job pilot I met the love of my life, A local flight attendant who worked in the same crew as I was, Alisa was her name we were together since, We moved together, Worked together on the same flights. Finally I had someone who loved me and I loved back. I was the happiest guy ever!

One ordinary day Alisa and I were on the way to the airport as part of the crew who was assigned to fly to Chernarus.. Never been there before. Everything went smooth and I was about to get ready for landing. Suddenly I hear screams from the back and my name been yelled "JAMES! HELP!" I handed the stick to the co-pilot and ran to the other room, I saw Alisa been attacked by what looks like a person, But unusual he had pale, grayish skin, Dead look on his face and blood dripping from his jaw, I quickly grabbed him and tossed him on the floor and stomped his head.

Suddenly silence.. emptiness in my mind while staring at the corpse, Few seconds later Alisa grabs and shakes me, I return to focus, Everywhere people screaming, I burst into the cockpit witnessing the co-pilot been eaten by those thing, Taking care of it I locked the cockpit door with only Alisa and I in it, I sat down pushing stuff realizing that the plane is on a collision course. I left everything stood up embraced the love of my life. "I LOVE.."-

Whats left is carved in my mind..

Maybe one day I'll encounter you and I'll tell you how the story ended.

(2923 Characters.. Hell yeah!)

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