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Server time (UTC): 2022-05-26 08:42

possible DDOS?

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Hi there, a friend and I were playing with each other and this was shortly after the server restart. We had been playing for ~1 hour together and our other friends had joined us about 20 mins before our incident. Both my friend and I lost connection to the game and our TS at the exact same time. Could this be a DDOS? And if it is, can anyone explain how to stop it or what it may be? Only us two lost connection out of our group, we shortly after were able to reconnect, although i was kicked from the server again and he lost connection to TS. The only reason im asking here is because we only know eachother through the server and were on it when this happened. Thanks for your help in advance!

Ps- think it happened around 4:30-45ish, if it matters

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  • Sapphire

It happend to everyone, it's fixed now.

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im not sure about that, my other friends remained online, i mean not like i can see what happened to the server after ive been kicked so for all i know you are correct, but the few other guys remained connected and in the TS

A DDoS attack is an attack that aims to disrupt a service or an entire server.

In a typical DDoS attack, one can usually not separate out specific users or groups of users who use that particular service or server.

When defending against a DDOS attack, you do that at the network layer, by turning off acess to the service or the server from which network they believe the attack is routed / derived.

This may have the consequence that some have access to the service or server and other does not.

Since no one has officially declared what has actually happened, we can only speculate.

But given the fact that a reset has occurred on both the game server and TS service, it seems for me more like a server / cluster fault.

Your concern that you or your group has been the subject of a targeted attack, I see as almost non-existent.

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  • Legend

Seems this was answered :)

A DDOS will also take down this vwebsite (thats a good way to know whats happening).

Marking as solved but leaving it open to discussion :)

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  • Legend

The "Official" statement on what happened the other night.

It was not a DDOS attack, however coincidental this seemed. The fault actually was that of the ISP as there was absolutely no incoming traffic from the net to the servers. The matter was resolved a few hours later by the ISP and normal service was resumed.

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