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Carter walks away...

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Things change. People change. Everything changes.. Even more so now.

This world is just a complete mess. Fucked up is probably the technical term for it. It's just crazy. Everything is going down hill rapidly, and I can see myself not living long if it continues.

I've managed to find a place, in the mountains towards Russia. Why I even decided to come to this bastard place is now long gone, everything and everyone I knew, dead or gone. I guess it is my time to disappear. Maybe i'll come back. I don't know. If I ever get lonely up there, but I doubt it, especially with those things being around.

Well, fuck it. I'd better start setting up this cave, try and make it look like home...


Hey, most of you won't know me but for the ones that do, I've enjoyed RP'ing with you, but I don't have the time to play this at the moment, or the patience, especially with all the 'Frankie' new comers who have slightly ruined my experiance. But anyway, few shout-outs.

Declan - Charlie - River - Animal

You guys made DayZRP fun for me, although all we ever did was loot ;)

I wish you guys the best, and I hope to speak to you all again soon.

Animal, you're one of the best RP'ers I've met, so keep it up man!

Victor Cruz

Man, you're still a dick for buying me as a slave, but that one night was simply the best ever RP experience I had on this server. Enjoy your clan!


You're still a dick for abandoning NWO, but you were funny on occasions ;) Keep hunting bro.


Great RPer, not great person to talk to in TS with your shit talking and random nonsense. ;)

For now, Samuel with sit in his cave, smoking all the cigarettes and drinking all the beer he can. Until he decides to return, this is farewell.

Samuel Carter, signing out.

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  • Emerald

Dont even bother making the leaving thread...... we all know you will be back in the next few days :P. Anyway goodbye for now.

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  • Emerald

abandon is a strong word, and I'll have you know I'm always funny :P

sad to see you go, hopefully you come back!

GL :)

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  • Emerald

o7 I met you a few times when I first joined. You were the NWO druggy right? I still will never foget the first ride I ever got and that was you guys giving me a ride from NE to the outpost. Everyone telling stories in the dark on the way. Pretty much was my first RP experience. Right in that blue Betty van. Good luck! :)

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Oh, new people? Oh gawd.. better leave the community.

k bye.

If you didn't also read, I don't have time to play due to new work hours, but can still on occasion read the forums (Although I didn't put that).

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