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Question about Age Requirement

Guest Cryophobics

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Guest Cryophobics

Hey guys, so currently I am 15 years old. I did apply for Whitelist with knowledge of the age requirement. I'm not here to moan, and beg for the age limit to be lowered because frankly I do understand that people my age like to scream in the microphone about how they have or have not slept with your mother. I agree, it is annoying, and it is a fair limit. I do also have a question. Are the applications scrapped because you see that they are 15 and younger? Or do you guys actually take the time to read the application so people that are young and mature actually have a shot? I would appreciate someone actually taking a look at it because I think I have a lot to prove.

Much love!

I didn't know where to put this, so I just put it under the Ban Appeals.

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How about "Questions" ? :)

Also, look at the stickys under the Ban Appeal forum.

You can find THIS there.

We have to draw the line at some point, and it happen to be at 16 years old.

You will have to wait until you turn 16, and then following the above guide.

Moving to Questions.

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The age is 16 to join

I believe that your app will be read but you will most likely be blacklisted for not meeting the required age. You will need to wait till your 16 and fill in a ban appeal to get your account recovered and PM the admin team with a picture of yourself holding a photographic ID also containing your date of birth.

Sorry its just how it works

Marking as solved

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And no, whitelists that get blacklisted aren't getting into the system.

They are not being read.

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