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Mark_2014 Banned For Being In The Lads - Ban Appeal


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  • Sapphire

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

I can't access the Thread via this account, But its on the lads clan thread.

Why the verdict is not fair:

The verdict is fair yes to all the people that was covering for the banned player. But I had no idea they were covering for a banned player I had been in the Royal Reds with Ivan (Voedric) with the banned player and he said nothing about the banned player, I had heard in the past that he was believed to be "Steve Blazer" but I didn't pay much attention to it as most scottish people sound the same.

When I joined the lads I had only been in a couple of days and was starting to regret it as they began to call me alot of names for not posting a picture of myself on there teamspeak as my avatar which I really didn't want to do as it didn't matter what I looked like.

But still I had only been in a few days and had no idea "Mike Golf" Was a permabanned player AKA (Steve Blazer) I was just the new guy to the group.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I had only been in the group a couple of days. I had no idea that there was a permabanned player within The Lads, I just woke up after going to sleep as I really couldn't be bother'd with all the name calling in the teamspeak and I was banned but still I had only been In a few days I was not covering for anyone.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be unbanned in this appeal as I've really done nothing wrong and want to continue enjoying DayzRP and meeting new people. I just don't want to be banned for doing nothing. I've spent way to much money on DayzRP I would never risk going against the rules as I've spent way to much money on skins.

What could you have done better?: Not have joined the lads? I don't really know what I could have done better apart from not joining the lads as if I didn't join the lads then I would have never been in this situation.

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  • Sapphire

This is what SIN [Gamemaster] Wrote:

The Lads - RIP

There's been a lot of curiosity and rumours about the mass banning of The Lads.

The fact of the matter is that Mike Golf, one of the ringleaders of the group, was actually Steve Blazer, who was permanently banned some months back.

We initially received reports that he was back on the server shortly after we definitively denied his second appeal. We checked out the reports and had a discussion with him on TeamSpeak, but were unable to prove that it was him to the standard demanded by staff for permanent bans to be issued.

Today, we proved our case.

The rest of The Lads were banned because they knew about this violation of DayZRP terms. Many of those banned were present during the TeamSpeak conversation.

Lying to staff is never a good idea. The truth will always be discovered.

I was not there for the convo I went to bed plus I had only been in the lads a couple of days I've done nothing wrong that's why I've made a ban appeal as I've done nothing wrong. If I had done something wrong then I wouldn't have made an appeal plus Rolle said I was to make an appeal.
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I would like to add as i think this is relevant information towards this Ban Appeal, in The Royal Reds we had gone through the same thing with Mike Golf being banned but he was able to talk to the admins and they unbanned him after we had a talk with Thumper and Sin. I feel like in your Ban Appeal mark that you are trying to point finger towards me like i knew that Mike Golf was Steve Blazer. I never even knew Steve Blazer so i couldn't of known if he was Steve or not. This is all i have to add towards this ban appeal.

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  • Emerald

We will be discussing this case shortly.

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Guest worsley

haha before I read this I said ye mark should be unbanned but this guy is full of shit!!! we called him names? wtf mark came in my ts taking the piss out of my ig name THUMB! read the chat logs and u will see! this guy is full of shit! ha

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  • Sapphire

haha before I read this I said ye mark should be unbanned but this guy is full of shit!!! we called him names? wtf mark came in my ts taking the piss out of my ig name THUMB! read the chat logs and u will see! this guy is full of shit! ha

Considering I had the tag next to my name "Fat" as I wouldn't post a picture, But eitherway I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't post in my ban appeal.
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First mark I would like to say we all knew it was banter. I asked you if you had a problem. I am extremely sorry if you did take any personal offence to this if it does involve your life and I am ashamed if it does because I have been in the same position. I had some great banter with you personally. I dont know how you got on with the rest though.

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  • MVP

Everyone stop posting in other peoples appeals, or your right to post at all will be removed.

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  • El Presidente

Appeal approved.

We have checked the leave/join logs of the groupCP and they have indeed confirmed that you joined the group recently, had no previous connection with them and that very likely did not know about the permabanned player.

You will be compensated for the inconvenience and downtime caused by this ban, I'll contact you through PMs.

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