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The Story of a Lone Australian Pilot

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  • Sapphire

//Okay so the first couple of parts of this story are going to be sort of catch up to now story which wont be incredibly detailed but will contain key points

**Richard grabs his new notebook and pen and starts to write**

Hi, So im not really sure how these journal things work, so i guess ill start the way that feels natural to me.

My name is Richard Wilks but most people have just called me Heliix since for aslong as i can remember, and what you are about to read is my story in this land of Chernarus.

Before coming here i was a Pilot in the Australian Special Forces 1st commando unit, i have been obsessed with flying for aslong as i can remember, so as soon as i could get into the military flight school i did. But anyway on with the story. After finally being issued my first mission as a Commando Pilot I was too find and extract a team that was stranded here, upon reaching visual contact of the northern coast line near Prigorodki I started taking fire from a russian BTR-90, fearing for my life i grabbed my parachute and bailed out narrowly avoiding the rotar i started falling to the ground and pulled the chute cord as hard as i could and started gliding my way down to the coast line.

By the time i landed the BTR had left the area almost as if it didnt care if i was alive it only wanted to destroy my helicopter, i still wonder why even now.

Managing to get my bearings with the map and compass i was supplied with for the mission i grabbed my pack and rifle and decided i would hide out in the nearby woods and see if i can make radio contact with HQ, I failed obviously.

After weeks of hiding in woods and only going into "civilized" areas to find more food and drink I decided to try and find some people and ask if they have seen the squad i was sent here to rescue originally. Whilst travelling from town to town for days i finally found a place called the Ravens Nest run by a group called the Raven Shield Corporation, I scouted it out before entering the place only to be offered a beer as soon as i did. With that i immediately decided that they seemed friendly enough and i could ask them if they have seen any Australian soldiers around.

This is when i learned the ways of this land, that nothing is free not even information like what i was after.

I managed to get the information for some medical supplies, food and ammunition i had on me.

They told me of a factory called the Desal Plant and said that i would more than likely find the ones im looking for there.

So i headed out once again and after a few hours of running i spotted the plant in the distance and immediately began sprinting the final gap. Upon approaching the camp altought out of breath and exhausted i heard something that instantly made me feel revitalized and somewhat relieved, an Australian accent, I was finally somewhere with friends.

**Richard smiles widely after remembering the first time he heard his friends**.

And so i joined up with my former allies the SASR or Special Air Service Regiment I thought I was finally safe, boy was I naive . It turns out that this Desal Plant was attacked on an almost daily basis, I mean we defended it with our lives with a group called the Serye Volki the natives of this land of Chernarus but unfortunately the constant attacks dwindled our numbers so much that we were pushed to the point of extinction. This is when i decided i would leave the SASR and go back to surviving they way i thought i had to, by doing anything it takes.

Unfortunately my former friends in the SASR werent to happy about my leaving or as they call it my "treason". One of the newer members of the group even called me a coward and threatened my life, I panicked and shot him. That was one of the biggest mistakes i have made, shooting and as i found out later killing one of my "allies" still burdens me even now. **Richard pulls his and the man he shot's dogtags out of his pack and sheds a tear, he wipes it off his cheek and continues to write**.

This is when i joined up with The Watchers and decided to hunt down the Bandit scum of this land and for a while everything was great we defended the innocent and gave supplies out when and where we could then at night we would all sit around a fire and tell stories and chat, It was amazing it made me feel like everything was normal for a while.

Then I was hit with a harsh reality, I was taken hostage by a group of Russians who's name i do not even know to this day. They saw i was a watcher and thought they could get information about the rest of the group from me, I didnt talk, Thats when they decided to try other "methods" to make me talk **Richard looks down at his hands and feels a stabbing pain where 3 of his fingers used to be**.

Even though they cut off my fingers one by one i did not tell them anything, I did not betray anyone not this time. After the initial pain had dulled down i screamed at my captures "I am Richard 'Heliix' Wilks I am a Watcher and i will protect my friends I will not give you anything!". Then the last thing i remember from there was the sound of a revolver cocking back.

**Richard clenches his whole body tightly as he remembers that moment then closes his book to sleep**

this is my first time writing anything like this so i hope it was good and that atleast someone enjoys it and would love any feedback or criticism :D

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  • Sapphire

Holy crap, my character Siorre is Australian :D We need to meet up soon :D

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  • MVP

great 'little' read :P

*Richard pulls his and the man he shot's dogtags out of his pack and sheds a tear, he wipes it off his cheek and continues to write*

Such feels... *Tears rolling down his cheek*


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  • Legend

such loyalty to TWS!!


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  • Emerald

Once a Watcher, always a Watcher.

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  • Titanium

Holy crap, my character Siorre is Australian :D We need to meet up soon :D

I met Siorre once. He wasn't Australian, or sane to say the least. :troll:

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  • Emerald

The memory's man, ill never forget Desal lol or the Watchers ;-P

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