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TS/In game voice comms discipline

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I've noticed while playing, when 2 groups try and communicate through voice comms, their TS is usually blowing up with people having fun which i understand, but it causes a lot of issues, a lot of reports are usually due to poor comms usually because the receiving party is in ts listen to people scream and try and over talk one another, was RDMed the other day though it was forgiven, when the group fixed me up i could not communicate with them at all. it was silly. Just my thought of the day.

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I would place proper comms use, as second most important skill that will ensure you can get 100% out of your guys on the field. First one is of course skill :P

There are few ways to deal with comms chaos.

Within mature friends simple GTFO or STFU works like a charm :)

A no brainer is to leave a room/be silent when you are not involved in firefight etc with rest of group.

Other way to approach this is by tweaking TS/mumble settings. It's generally useful to setup 3D VON in TS. Even when you simply split half of team on left side, half team on right side you will be able to listen to 2 guys from both parts simultaneously and without much of a trouble. When hearing them from same '3D source' would be just a rabble.

Quite usefull feature is a whisper function, in big operations (with people divided in 2/3 rooms) ability to speak directly to selected individuals might be vital.

Whatever you do however, everything comes down to people. If teammates can focus on task, get mature and keep radio chatter to minimum there won't be any chaos even with 7 guys talking in one room.

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