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Guest Erich Manstein

Perm Ban appeal for "Trolling"

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Guest Erich Manstein

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

To start off I would like to apologise again for the misunderstanding of our RP, I didn't get a proper chance to defend myself as I had to sleep, it was late in Australia. I would like another admin to review this, not "Sin" as I believe his/her verdict is biased and full of assumptions after assumptions.

There is no clear cut Nazi Roleplaying, it may have been a poor choice of words but outright nazi roleplaying was not our intentions. The admin "Sin"s response to the report was:

-OK, you guys come on the server, put on ridiculous German accents

-Hell, Germans and the German language tends to be excruciatingly specific.

-Olaf Gebbleson as an in-game name, which I can only presume is a corruption of 'Goebbels son'. Especially in light of the fact that the name Olaf could be interpreted to mean 'ancestor's treasured descendent'

1. I know our accents weren't the best but it's not like it was bad RP or anything just because we can't put the best accents on, that seems harsh don't you think? We tried lol.

2. We got most of our knowledge of the German language from movies and games, not a language class, we just thought it would be cool to RP as some sort of German clan as we had not seen any and a lot of the others were taken. Just trying to add something new to the server.

3. He literally just made that up, he was just throwing random names around that sounded "Germanish". You'll have to take him up on that, I got my name from a friend, I asked "What's a good German commanders name" he gave me that.

There is not much more I can say really as it's basically my word against everyone else's so it's kinda hard. I can only ask that you take my word for it based on our explanations and apologies for the misunderstanding and poor choice of words.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I would also like to point out a trolling ban is 7days but I'm assuming the admin "Sin" thought it was extreme trolling and such so hence the ban (my opinion anyway).

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

A reduction from a perm to (at the very minimal) a Verbal warning maybe the 7 day trolling ban (though as stated it was not our intent to troll, not once)

What could you have done better?:

Improve on our choice of words next time, we also had taken steps to stop RP'ing as Germans in anyway in game as judging by what has happened we don't want to create anymore dramas.


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I just want to clarify that staff members who were involved in the original verdict are NEVER involved in judging the appeal. They may post in this thread and justify their actions though. However, they will in no way have any input on the appeal verdict. This is the case for all appeals.

Edit: I also want to clear up another point of interest. No report verdict is made by one staff member. Each and every verdict requires multiple staff to sign off on said verdict. This was not only Sin's opinion, but that of others in the GM/Admin team also. He merely posted the verdict.

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Appeal Denied.


You ask that we believe a long list of coincidences that seem impossible to believe. In reality to believe such things we would have to be born yesterday. Your conduct is obvious and trollish. You acted the part of the fool in pretending to be Nazi's and must now pay the price. Nothing you have said comes anywhere close to convincing me the original verdict was not wholly accurate. Due to this the following applies:


No Action Taken.

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