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wrongly accused Ban

Guest basherman34

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Guest basherman34

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

I feel that I have been wrongly accused and would love to Rp again.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I'm sending is post today to convenes you to give me a new start on dayzrp. I got banned a long time ago for a bad initiation that lead to having several Rdms following the bad initiation. I find that I have been accused of bad initiation and several Rdms. On the report the victim say that I only we only gave them five seconds to comply, this is completely false. As having robbed Desal plant a couple of times I know the rules on giving a camp 30 seconds to comply before we can take any actions. As we proper to rob Deasl I start saying "Every one in Desal this is a robbery, drop all of your weapons and equipment on the ground, do not move or you will be shot." I repeat myself again. After I say " you know have 30 seconds to comply" After 20 seconds they look confused so I repeat my self of a third time. After giving another 30 seconds I say "you now have five seconds to comply or you will be shot. At this time most of the players had dropped all their guns and was siting down. But the rest were fully aware of what was going on because when we started the robbery they run into the camp Vip area with guns raised. The prisons were RPing by crying and begging so their is no way that the men with the guns didn't know what was going on. I was on the roof of Deasl and could look down on the players with their guns so I open fire on them. Killing them. As this happens the fire fight starts leaving more died. The prisoners start to pick up their guns and they start shooting at me and my team killing them. After holding out on the roof for a couple of minutes the server restarts and I go strait back on. We had no intentions on having this robbery on a restart because we knew what happens. As I sit on the roof for a good 5 minutes I start to move because people where spawning in and out trying to get good spots. I find that the time I gave was long enough for people to spawn in and continue. I start to sneak around the plant and I could hear people looking for me. I escape and run for my life. I have no video evidence but nor do the accusers.In the time I had played Dayzrp I had a fun time going to the Desal and Altar castle role playing and I had made some friends that still play with mostly every day now. Over the time playing I had join several clans that had good role play at I joined in on. I feel my punishment has been fulfilled and have really missed the Dayzrp experience and would love to Rp again.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

To get back to playing dayzrp with my friends and give other players a good Rp experience

What could you have done better?:

I should of made my initiation very very clear and given them more. Also double and triple check to see if every one knows whats happening.

Hope you accept my post can't wait

Thanks for your time,

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Appeal #1

Appeal #2

You think that copy your appeal from a few weeks back will get you unbanned?



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