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Want your opinion! Bad roleplay or not? Reportable?

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So basically this was this chaos at prud. I thought that this guy stole my car and later it turned out to an argument and everyone was watching and talking between us.

I'm really really unsure about this which is why I posted it in a general discussion instead of a report discussion as it may seem like I want this guy banned.

Basically I was wondering is this considered bad roleplay/no value for life? We were arguing and he asked me about 4 times to shoot him.

I didn't do it and it turned out that someone else shot him, but that it is up to him to report that and I don't want people to discuss that here please.

So I want your opinion

Is this bad roleplay or no value for life?

Watch the video to understand


Please no flame or anything...

I just want people's opinion. I have asked around on teamspeak and it is seriously 50/50 about if it is or not.

Please post your opinion on this, no opinion is wrong

Thank you for your time.

- Enar

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As a friend of the man who gets shot, I can say that what the man says at 1:18 was his true intention, "would he put his life on the line to prove him wrong?". He had no intention of being killed and was merely RPing his slightly sadistic character.

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