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The Pandemics

Jack Allen

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Hello everyone, today i would like to share with you something that may have a very big impact of my life. As you know, i have spent less time playing Dayz, to prepare myself, for both joining the marine core, and learning how to play guitar. I don't really know if i want to join the USMC anymore. But i still plan on getting in better shape than what i used to be. But me and 2 of my friends have recently though about forming a band together. And we have all decided that we would try it. So here is what we have accomplished already.

Band name: The Pandemics

How did you get the band name: To many hypocrites in this world, so the music i want to form is kind of punkish, against todays "hypocrite" society.

How many songs have you wrote or came up with: We really haven't wrote any songs yet, (atleast the Melody, Beat, Tuning,) I have wrote down some ideas for names of songs, and some lyrics.

How exactly do you plan on accomplishing you band: Well first, I need to write a few songs with my friends, (about 6 or 7) and find a place to play them at, and hope someone is watching us play that can sign us in with a record company.

What kind of equipment will you use

Im using my Yamaha Acoustic Guitar for a few songs, and a Fender Stratocaster HSS with a Marshal amp.

How many band members are there: 3 Me: Guitarist, Vocalist

Jack: Bassist Mike: Drums (Only saying first names for now)

Have you performed at any places or done any gigs:

Played at talent show, covered alot of Green days album Dookies songs. We also played at my friends Graduation Party.

How many people would you predict know about you: Not alot, The talent show probobly about 100 out of 400 remember us. I don't really know.

If you want to know anything else about our band, just ask. Here are a few song names we came up with

1. Fuck Hypocrites

2. Charity case

3. 10,000 years later

4. Im so fucking bored

5. And just Maybe

We have already started writing lyrics for "Im so fucking bored" and "Charity Case"

Write what you think about us, also share your ideas. Thanks for reading this! :D

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