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NWAF - S2 - 20/4/2014

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Describe the issue:

Me and a friend were up at NWAF when it was Daytime and we were looting the Hangars a zombie runs up to me and Hits me 1 time and i died. And i had full Blood.

Is the problem reproducible, ie can you re-create it on demand?


Time, server and location of this occurring?

21:20, S2, NWAF

How long have you had this problem?

It has accured 2 times for me.

What have you done to fix this already?


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  • MVP

Not a bug, just you were REALLY unlucky. Sometimes it happens, be glad you had a friend to grab your stuff :)

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  • Emerald

They usually one hit you or atleast almost one hit you when they hit you in the head, that's most likely what happened.

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