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//Probably going to be a long story, I have visions of detailing important sections of their lives. It's going to be dark and very sad, and one which i'll be working on as the days past.

Hope you enjoy the very first and uncompleted section; more is to come.

Please listen to the songs when reading. Replay if it stops.

Feedback is wanted.



-Day of the wedding-

-Diary entry 42-

I really don't know what I'm feeling right now,

I look at the pictures of my beautiful, soon to be wife and feel the sense of happiness and excitement for the future.

Every man has a dream to grow old with a woman they love, and it's coming true.

When I look at her, I feel like I am one with her, that this was meant to be.

Thing is, when I look at her, I also see doubt. The doubt that I cannot treat her like she really deserves.

I have plans, plans to grow old and our love to stay strong.

All I hope, is that she wants the same.

-Diary entry 43-

The best decision of my life,

After the wedding, and the love we shared that hour, all I wanted to do was be with her.

She not only makes me happy, not only does she make me feel a sense of joy, she makes me feel completed.

She is the puzzle piece that I cannot put in place alone.

That night, I found myself. I feel like a real man, a man that will travel this journey called life with another.

Grace, I love you.

-Months after-

-Diary entry 75-

Well, I have no idea what I'm thinking right now.

I'm scared, afraid, happy and nervous at the same time.

Grace came home and told me the news, I won't be spending my life alone with just her.

I'll have two others, two baby boys or girls.

Thing is, I couldn't help but cry. Yet, I couldn't help but smile inside.

What will their names be?

How will I support them?

Only time will tell.

-Diary entry 76-

Tonight at dinner, we put the dishes away and sat down.

I held her hand and we spoke to each other.

What we spoke about was our future, about the news she told. I knew it had to happen.

From the time she held my hand, all I could feel was a sense of completion.

Like I once wrote, she was the missing piece of my puzzle.

Tonight, we spoke about how we will raise these children. The doctor told us that there will be twin girls.. or boys, we are yet to see.

Deep down we know the troubles of raising one kid, yet alone two.

However, we do not care.

We will find a way to grow them up to be respectful adults with memories from their childhood to last an eternity.

Grace that night, slid out a picture of the sawmill. That sawmill was once my dads, and my dad's dad.

I myself had never considered, it's hard work to run and my feelings draw me away from such the place.

Grace that night, told me that we had no choice to run it.

Financially we were broken, like the glass that riddles a floor when broke.

I looked down to my wife's stomach and saw two wonderful kids in the making, I said to myself that I will do anything it takes to bring these children up in a manner of respect, love and the will to worry about nothing but there self-dignity and protection.

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Good work man! The track fits perfectly with the text! :D


With the music, I feel piano renditions match the feeling of what my story will become very great.

It's calm and gets you thinking, positive and negative. Which I love.

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