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2nd Commando Regiment Media Thread


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  • Sapphire


*Amin pulls out his camera and beckons to his new comrades to form up and form a line for a picture, to celebrate their final arrival into the wastes.

Amin then explains to Chief that they should take as many photographs as possible, so that their journey together may be documented*

*Amin and the squad return to their previously claimed seats by the fire, all trying to get their heads around the challenges that they now face. The camp is quiet, the silence deafening*

*Amin whispers to himself as he sits next to Chief by the fire*

"The friends we have made,

The lives we have taken,

The brothers we have lost,

At the rise of the morning sun,

And the coming of the night sky,

We will remember them..

Lest we forget."


*Chief picks up a polaroid produced by Amin's camera and examines it*


*A brief smile forms on Chief's face for the first time since he left Takistan as he puts the polaroid back down*


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  • Sapphire

Why do your threads always look so damn sexy?

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  • Sapphire


*Chief picks up another polaroid from the stack. A puzzled look appears on his face*

"How the hell did you manage to take a photo through your binocs?"

*Amin chuckles to himself*

"A true master never reveals his tricks."


*Chief puts the polaroid back down confused as all hell*


*Chief gets up from his seat at the fire and heads inside his tent. He notices a DVD on his desk. He picks the disc up and puts it in the DVD player, pressing play once it's loaded*


*As the DVD comes to an end, Chief leans back in his chair, another smile appearing on his face for only the second time since he left Takistan*

"Hmm... might have to get Amin to look around for a video camera."


Someday I will be in a Picture :)

I reckon we get a group photo tomorrow, would look sexy as hell.

Why do your threads always look so damn sexy?

"A true master never reveals his tricks." ;)

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  • Emerald

That failed negotiation video was just jaw dropping.

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  • Sapphire


*Chief leaves his tent and sits back down next to Amin at the fire. He picks up yet another polaroid from the stack and examines it*


*He turns to look at Amir*

"What are you, some kind of photographer now?"

*Amin turns to look at Chief*

"Yeah I guess you could say that."

*Chief proceeds to pick up another polaroid*


"Fair enough... keep it up, they're pretty good"

*Amin smiles*

"Cheers Chief."

*Chief puts the polaroids back down and gently organises the stack*


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  • Sapphire


*As Nathan sits in the plane with the rest of the regiment, he looks back to see Mubashir staring at him.*

"If you crash this plane i'm going to fucking shoot you in between your face, you little bitch!"

*Nathan quickly takes out a camera and takes a picture of Mubashshir.*

"The fuck are you doing you little bitch?"

*Nathan writes on the picture while quietly laughing, and puts it in his back pocket.*



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  • Sapphire


*Amin walks over to Chief and hands him a polaroid*

"That photo of us today has finally developed."

*Chief takes the polaroid from Amin*


"Damn we look good!"

*They both look at each other and laugh*


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  • Sapphire


Damn i wish i stayed on for that :c

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  • Sapphire


*Amin walks over to Rat*

"Here are those photos you wanted for the personal profiles."

*Rat takes the polaroids from Amin*



"Cheers mate, appreciated."

*Rat places the polaroids in each of their respective folders*


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