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Top 5 games for 2014

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I've been thinking recently about what games I should buy this year, and what games I should give a miss. So how about we all share the games that we are most hyped for in 2014. Maybe give us a reason behind your choice, too.

My top 5: [Edited ;)]

5)The Division

-Seems like a really cool COOP experience

4)Aliens: Isolation

-Survival Horror inspired by the first Alien movie

3)Star Citizen

-FPS space MMO, what more do I have to say?


-It's DayZ, but not shit.

1)Wolfenstein: The New Order

-Reinspired story driven arcade shooter

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Guest John Le Bear

1. Fallout 4

2. Fallout 4

3. Fallout 4

4. Fallout 4

5. Fallout 4

Im really not hyped for any games really, the only one I have remote hype for is fallout 4 and I have serious doubts about it.

Newer games are always really bad quality in my opinion, older games have much more detail, depth etc. So I will stick to playing older games.

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-It's DayZ, but not shit.

I agree with the rest but H1Z1 is just much lel, you cannot really compare the two in my opinion, DayZ is a survival game, H1Z1 will most likely be clan fortresses, and since the game is not out you cannot really say it is better than DayZ.

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H1Z1 looks like Dayz, but shit imo.

No love for The Forest? :(

I just re-watched the trailer for The Forest.

My list is now.

1,2,3,4: Destiny.

5: The Forest.

Keep em' coming, I'm so forgetful! xD


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  • El Presidente

1. Tropico 5

2. GTA5 PC

3. Watch dogs

4. Everquest Next

5. Archeage

Not including Star Citizen as that's more of a 2015/2016 GOTY :D

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  • Sapphire

Someone say Fallout 4? Fallout 4, Fallout 4, Fallout 4, Fallout 4 and bloody Fallout 4! :D

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  • Emerald

5 Last Of Us Remastered (who thought I play this so many times through)

4 not so broken dayz standalone

3 H1Z1

2 wolfenstien the new order

1 the next COD :troll:

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  • Emerald

5: Last of Us remastered

4: Wolfenstein The New order

3:The Division

2: Dying Light

1: GTA 5 PC

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  • Emerald

1: Call of Duty

2: Call of Duty

3: Call of Duty

4: Call of Duty

5: Call of Duty


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  • Emerald

1. The division

2. H1Z1

3. Dying light

4. The forest

5. Survarium

// some extra games which didn't make it in top 5

6. State of decay lifeline

7. Civ 6

8. Star citizen

It's gonna be an expensive year

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