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well i just summited my app

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I hope i can be accepted into this awesome community of gamers I love to role play and have fun iam actually quite a shy person inrl so don't let me being quiet and unheard push you away once i get to know you and im open with you watch out because i may make you laugh uncontrollably or i may just completely blow your mind not trying to brag but im here for fun and good laughs isn't that what gaming's all about? just a break from the real society? in this society we don't have bills to worry about we don't have financial issues to worry about we just have a character in that moment in that sense of mind that anything can happen we can be anybody and we can just block out everything else and no one can take that away from us because this is who we are this is who we wish and want to be this is are fresh start or a story that is being continued. THIS IS DAYZ RP.....

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Hello and welcome to the community, all the best with your application!

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