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A discussion with Mr. Ear

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*Doctor Paul MacNeil cradles a small severed ear that looks like it came from a small boys head. If someone did not see him looking at the ear, it would appear that he was talking to himself*

"Hello Mr. Ear, nice to talk again, ya?"

"Oh yes! I did take care of those men that made fun of you, I have finger here, see?"

"Plans for League are coming slow, but I believe your original idea will still hold true Mr. Ear"

"Ya, all that is left is distribution of the compound, and then the formation of the league, and then all that you have asked will have been completed"

"Nein, vermin kinda ehh got away"

"Should not be problem soon, okey?"

"You try doing this shit, Mr. Ear"

"Ya Ya, I will go now. Auf Wiedersehen Mr. Ear!"

*Paul then wraps the mysterious ear into a cloth and places it in his suit's inner breast pocket, and runs off into the woods whispering "schlachten" over and over to himself*

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Ze crazy doctor

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