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Backpacks and hatchet slot

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So we all know about the infamous hatchet slot, which you can exploit to become just another weapon slot. Since this is an exploit, i'm guessing you are not actually allowed to make it a weapon slot, just always have it as a hatchet/crowbar/machete slot?

My second question is about the backpacks, and the carrying capacity of them. Would i be able to run around with for example 2 mk48 mods in them or would that be breaking rp, since no one can actually carry 2 LMGs in their backpack?

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  • Sapphire

You'd be correct - you're not allowed two weapons in those slots.

I don't see why not, it's not against the rules, but I don't see why you'd want 3 guns...

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Pretty sure that if you put a firearm into the melee slot it will disappear.

Also, You are allowed to carry whatever and as much as you want in your backpacks, People can somehow fit rotor assemblies and car wheels, so why not two lmgs?

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You are correct, it is an exploit to have two primary weapons, I'm pretty sure if you try it deletes the weapon anyway, and simiskovich pretty much hit the nail on the head for the second question. :P

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Guest Biiddy

1. Yes its an exploit, people have been punished for doing it in the past, also our lovely developers have put in a counter script where it does not allow you to do it.

2. You can carry what you want, as long as it fits, its in the game mechanics so why not, as Simsikovich said, people carry around all sorts of crap, so i do not see why not.

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  • Legend

Seems like this question is answered

Leaving open to discussion and solving

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