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[CRA] Černoruskýe Respublikanskaya Armiya

Guest Pandi

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Guest Pandi


Group Tag: [CRA]

Commander: Major Dima Malinski

Group CP


CRA Recruits Group XML

Group Media Thread


*You spot a beautiful lake in the distance*

Blues alike the sky and an atmosphere of tranquil surrounds it. You watch as the blue turns to green and then to a dark red, blood. Blood starts to spread through the lake like a virus. You scan the waters edge looking for the source, a body...a human body.

You see three men approaching, one of the men walks to the body, rolling it over, his face turns to shock and sadness. You can see he recognises the body. He searches the man and reveals some dog-tags, it was a confirmed pick.

- Major. Dima Malisnki of the Černoruskýe Respublikanskaya Armiya -

"TEO!” He shouts, signalling for him to come over.

“Take what you need, we gotta get going!” He brushes him off, continuing to walk.

“No, Teo, you’re going to want to see this!”

“This better be good Ivan…” He walks over to him, Shalkar following behind.

*Ivan hands Teo the dogtags and takes off his backpack, drawing from it: some bandages, some morphine, some painkillers, some pliers and some scissors*

“Holy shit” Teo whispers.

“Put those away Ivan, we’ll do it at camp, both of you grab him!”

*A few days before this incident*

CRA were travelling through the South West outskirts of Chernarus in a black SUV.

Kazimir: “What is that on that hill to the West!?”

Dima gazes at this object/person on the hill and slams the brakes, bullets started flying at the car from every single angle.


Everyone from inside the car smashes open the doors and immediately starts sprinting for the nearest cover, suddenly a huge explosion goes off and obliterates the car into pieces, parts from the car go flying, wrecking anything within it’s path. A gigantic ball of smoke appears from the shattered remains of the blown up car, this gives CRA an opportunity to get a better position and even retreat from this some what of an ambush. As Dima is sprinting off into the distance, a nearby enemy spots him and raises his gun and puts a bullet in his left bottom rib. Dima gets thrown to the ground with force, he screams in pain, CRA knew this was Dima and rushed for there lives towards this scream. Dima was in agony, laying on the floor, pissing out with blood. He crawls into a nearby bush that covers him from the ongoing fire. Remaining CRA members are searching for Dima as they are petrified that he may have been killed, unfortunately they never found him that day...

After this ambush had calmed down, it became a waiting game, Dima was not to be seen or heard, it was too dangerous to search the area after the current incident, few hours later and nearly every CRA member had been separated from each other. The majority would have retreated or been killed and the rest, well.... they were the veterans.

Shelkar (CRA member involved in the incident) was one of the remaining CRA members in the area that it all started in. He'd been hiding under a few large rocks for nearly 11 hours, zombies had been stumbling across for hours due to the gunshots. Shelkar peeked his head out and saw a horde of zombies in the road, crowding the remains of the blown up SUV and feasting on some of the dead corpses. He quietly made his way around the infected and tried to find other CRA members. Shelkar notices a blood trail on the floor, leading into a small bush, bullet hole marks in the mud and footprints, little did he know, this was Dima's blood. It leaded straight into a forest, unfortunately Shelkar decided to ignore it and carry on searching for the others.....

*Two days later*

Teo had been searching some nearby houses for food and medical supplies and bumped into Ivan, Ivan was also with Shalkar, they had found each other in the wilderness, it seemed like everyone was making there way back to each other in time, only that, one part of this puzzle was missing, Dima was known as gone, Shalkar, Teo and Ivan had started up a new group known as the 'SoH' or Survivors of Hell. Their main task was to find the remaining CRA members. Once this had been achieved, everything would go back to how it used to be.

As days went on, times were getting hard, SoH were constantly on their feet, ever so slowly but surely returning back to their original state, Černoruskýe Respublikanskaya Armiya. Although, they would not give up until they found Dima, he was the one that started this and they would not give up on him. SoH decided to take a trip up to the wreck of the ambush that recently just happened. They wanted to investigate the wreckage, find out who ambushed CRA and if they could find any useful evidence.

As they were walking near the car wreckage, Ivan slips on some blood and gets his foot stuck in some mud. He manages to raise himself back up, Ivan then stares at his hands, the Hlvani rank badge was stuck to his hands, realising that Dima was the Hlvani, then takes a look at the rotten blood trail, following it into the woods slowly, Ivan radio's Teo and Shalkar and tells them the direction he was heading and the coordinates so the others can follow behind. As Ivan was following the blood trail for a few hours, the amount of blood left behind start decreasing. Struggling to find where this blood trail was heading, Ivan had to wait for Teo and Shalkar, as Teo is very talented with investigating. Eventually they come to an end of the blood trail, boot marks and small bandages were relatively close by, only to assume that he must have tryed to fix himself up.

They walk down a long muddy path surrounded with medium sized fluffy bushes, Teo notices a huge house in the distance they were heading.

“Oi, Shalkar…. Ivan…., look what’s over there!” as he points towards the house.

“I need some more food, we will go in and out as quick as possible, you see any zombies, you use a melee weapon, only use a gun when you are in trouble, it attracts too much noise.”

As they approach the house, Ivan spots a lake, this wasn't any usual lake, it was filled with blood. He started jogging closer to the lake to spot where the source of this blood was coming from, He spots a body…

*This takes you back to the beginning*

As they were carrying Dima back to camp, zombies were passing by left, right and centre. It was becoming dark extremely quickly.

“I didn’t realise how heavy Dima was!” Shalkar says with sweat running down his face.

Later on that evening, they managed to return to their camp with Dima still alive. Dima looked very close to death, he was turning as pale as a ghost and not even blinking, his heart and pulse were still staying strong. SoH had medical doctors at the camp, they might have been Free Medics, they've always been there when you need them. They had to operate on Dima to get the parts of the bullet out of his ribs, unfortunately this procedure was too risky for the medics, they decided just to stitch up the entry wound and wrap him up in a bandage that would go all the way around him on the wound.

Dima was slowly recovering from this wound, although the medics said something about the bullet that remains in his ribs, it may cause future problems.

* A week passes from this incident *

Dima is up standing on a table in the SoH camp, he is thanking everyone that helped him up to this day, he also thanked CRA and SoH.

As they are passing drinks around, Dima shouts

"We have been gone for a long time! Everyone that survived the attack, will be known as a veteran and from now on, we shall go by the name of CRA Remnants! Our main objective is to find remaining members of CRA, we do not leave a soldier behind, do you understand!"

Everyone surrounding Dima, yells for his speech, they are all jumping up in the air with joy and happiness.

Later the day, they all decide to head out of camp onto the road, they all yell and yell as they are walking down the street.


Make a name for ourselves.

Wipe any groups/survivors that pose a threat to CRA or South Zagoria.

Wipe any groups/survivors attempting to claim our land.

Wipe any groups/survivors that support the Chedaki in the civil war.

Find evidence that confirms that the foreigners in CRA version 1.0 set us up.

Clear the infection, possibly find a cure.






























Jack Kolb

Badger Broils











Species Evolved





Rekrut - Poručík, green beret WITHOUT the green badge on the beret.

Kapitan - Major, green beret WITH the green badge on it.

Glasses, masks and gloves are allowed so long you have the correct uniform.

Members of CRA Remenants will be seen wearing:

Spetsnaz GRU Sniper



Spetsnaz GRU Operator



UPDATED LAST: 13/10/2014

- Allies -


Death Angels

- Friendly -

- Neutral -

- Hostile -

- At war with -

Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki

Spetsial'nye Otryady Bystrogo Reagirovaniya


Age limit is 16 and over.

Must have been apart of the DayZRP community for at-least 2+ months.

Must be mature.

Must use a Chernarussian IGN.

Must use a Chernarussian accent.

Must be able to buy the group skin and abide our conditions for the CRA uniform.

Must respect the rules.

Must respect higher ranks.


Recruitment: OPEN

Please set the subject line as 'CRA Application'.

[b]New Chernarussian IGN:[/b]

[b]Player ID:[/b]

[b]IRL / IG Age:[/b]

[b]Where are you from?:[/b]

[b]How long have you played DayZRP/DayZ?:[/b]

[b]Group history?:[/b]

[b]Role play experience?:[/b]

[b]Can you do a Chernarussian accent?:[/b]

[b]How can you explain your characters attitude? is he/she an angry Chernarussian?:[/b]

[b]Chernarussian RP background (Doesn't have to be a long story, round it up):[/b]

[b]Why do you want to join Černoruskýe Respublikanskaya Armiya?:[/b]

[b]Are you able to purchase one of the CRA's skin(s)?:[/b]

[b]How will we benefit having you in CRA?:[/b]

[b]What made you apply for CRA?:[/b]

Send the application to me (Pandi) PM me here.



The concept is simple really, every person that can proof he/she is a Chernarussian citizen -before the apocalypse- will receive a passport for the new country. If they come across us they can show their passport and that way we know who we are dealing with and that he/she is Chernarussian and cannot be harmed unless allying with enemy factions if carrying this Chernarussian ID card.



How is this going to work?

When we come across someone that claims to be a Chernarussian citizen we let him/her show us their old Chernarussian passport/ID, then ask a couple of questions about Chernarus just to make sure he/she isn't using a false passport. If he/she didn't have a Chernarussian passport or form of identification on them or never had got one, we will ask a series of questions which they will have to answer in order to gain one of our passports/ID's.

What type of questions are involved in this?

General questions about Chernarus that Chernarussian citizens would be able to answer, these questions aren't to be released or revealed here as you'd just be able to search up an answer.

What do I require to gain one of the passports/ID's?

Have to be a native Chernarussian and must be able to complete the test provided IC.

How does this benefit me?

Having one of our passports/ID's allows CRA to identify who you are in-character, when we see you and say for example a few weeks ago you got a card off of us, then you will be able to use the emote such as:

*hands/shows passport of the New Chernarussian State*

Then from there on we will offer you help if need it, so for example if you need food or drink, we will give you some, if you are being chased by another group that want to rob you or you have hostilities with, we will step in and protect you as you are a member of the New Chernarussian State.

How are you going to know who has one and who hasn't, they could make a false ID?

If they create a false copy of our identification, we will know about it straight away. We have a list below on who has the passport, so as soon as we are shown this fake passport, we will check up on our notes to see who a copy, if the name isn't on the list, they will be seen as impersonating member of the New Chernarussian State and will face harsh punishments.



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  • Sapphire

How I've missed this group. So many good memories

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  • Emerald

Omg yessszz

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  • Emerald

Can't wait.

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  • Emerald

Hmm. What will your "new" relationship with Volki be? Last time it didn't turn out so well.

Someone needs to take down volki, so let the games begin

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Guest Pandi

Hmm. What will your "new" relationship with Volki be? Last time it didn't turn out so well.

I do not expect everyone to reset relations with us, although I would be willing to meet for diplomacy meetings to sort out problems we have had in the past.

This goes to everyone that we had 'issues' with.

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  • Emerald

Oh boy. This will be interesting. Does this mean more amazing firefights? :D

*Loads RPG*. Are you ready? :D

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  • Legend

Good to see you guys making a comeback :)

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  • Sapphire

Welcome back!


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