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Alex Conview:(Staggs) Wiki {W.I.P}


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Alexander Conview: Stagg's

Alexander Matthew Conview. Born under the name of Alexander Matthew Conview goes via a variation of names in his lifetime but legally changed his name in 2012 was born in the republic of Ireland in 1990 and later became a Spanish citizen at the age of 10 in the year 2000. Born under the Parents of Maria O'Doyle Conview and Francisco Matthew Conview. Active member of the Izquierda unida then Became part of the resistance group naming themselves as the "Frente popular". He is one of the survivalist's of the Huge extinction of the human race that hit planet Earth in the early 21st century later becoming a commander of the Frente himself and a survivalist group in south zargoria called: The Watcher's.


1: Basic details

1.1: General aspects

2: Family and upbringing

3: Life in Spain

4: University years

5: The Outbreak:

5.1: Early day's

5.2: Las Guerrillas.

5.4: Fall of Salvacion.

5.6: Escape To Russia

7:South Zargoria (All events here Happened IG and IC)

8: The Watcher's

9: Current Day


11:Personality and Mental issues

1: Basic Details:

1.1: General Aspects:

Alexander Conview(Joseph) was born in 1990 in the month of May under the sign of the Gemini (27th of may), he is approximately 1.85 m in height and weighs about 75 kg's. Born In the republic of Ireland he has duel nationality and is able to speak a variation of Languages Including English, Catalan, Spanish, basic Vasc and can read Latin thanks to his years in university. He is a Caucasian with blue eyes, blonde hair and a blonde beard. He is openly Bisexual and really does not mind anything to what takes his fancy. He never passed his driving test.


Alexander Conview Pre Watcher's Dress code

unmasked and in Spain

2: Family and upbringing:

His mother being Irish and His father Being Spanish he was brought up with a family alongside a brother and a Sister himself being the eldest of the litter: Alexander Conview (Born in 1993) and Cristiana Conview (Born in 1996). He is the eldest of the family and was the only one who was Born in Ireland himself while his brother was born in Spain and His Sister's birth location for him Is unknown due to his mother leaving his mother at a early age and separation of his parents when He was at the early age of 5. His father was Ex military Sargent and from a early age showed his son's how to shoot and defend themselves. They moved to Spain under his mother's wishes to get closer to her family later on leaving Francisco for a local businessman that later on became his estranged Step-father. His mother on the other hand Was a active member of a Anti-War and Anti- Weaponry manufacture company that called themselves "Paz". A group formed in 1994 she then there met her future husband. Thus leaving her children for her beliefs and leaving her father to up bring the family besides Cristiana (Who Maria was pregnant with Francisco's daughter)


Picture of the logo of Paz his mother joined

3: Life in Spain

Once his mother Left him and his brother, They where left to be raised by their father who was a Strict Irish Catholic and wanted his children to join the Spanish military once they reached the age of 16. He and his brother lived alongside their father in the city of Cadiz for 3 years then moved to Valencia where they lived the rest of their lives until their adulthood. Alex (Stagg's) did not struggle as much as his brother did in picking up the Spanish culture and languages as his brother suffered a minor case of dyslexia so himself and his brother at the same time had to learn Spanish and Catalan (the local language of the Catalan Region's). Durain this period and Valencia being a very conservative place at the time they went to a local valencian School named: Vincent Ferrer. There they learnt Spanish and Catalan but the local's (children) did not except the foreigner's so they where used as easy target's and picked on. Especially The younger brother for his dyslexia. Both of them had a hard time in upbringing in Spain with the locals but they fought it and after a while where excepted into the group's. Here they made life long friends: Alanze Laka ( A vasc who was one of Stagg's friends) and Miles Merridew (Friend of the younger brother who later on became a good friend of Stagg's).


Overview of the city of Valencia

4: Teenage years and University years.

In Alex's first Teenage years he then started to devolve a strange independence from his father and a lack of respect for the church and his militarist view's blaming his stubbornness for his mother leaving the family while his younger brother though, took up his father's teaching's to heart and from a young age dropped out of school to concentrate his life into the military that his father supported, while Alex Rejected his father's view's and belief's and joined up with the local leftist group's that his mother supported. Then disowning his father at the Age of 16 after a huge fight with him he left his father's house and went to go and live alongside his friend Alanze in his apartment. There they both become active members of the IU and finished their degree's, Alex joined the university of Valencia to study Culture and history to become a teacher while Laka Took a degree in medicine. His brother always asked him to come back but Alex would not due to his father, since that day contact with his father was lost and he only spoke with his brother, trying to get him to leave the military due to his beliefs there fractures with him and his own brother started from the different spectrum of lifestyles.

He and Laka then moved to the Vasc regions in Spain to finish studying their degree's after Laka had a fight with his parents about his sister Julieta's suicide a Active member of the terrorist group ETA. They both went to finish their degree's in culture and history while also being members of Active para-militant groups. Laka being a member of ETA and Alex becoming a member of the IU and a new anti-fascist Communist group calling themselves the People's front.

Both where active in anti-government movements in the early 21st century economic Crisis that hit Europe. Both being active in various anti-capitalist protest's and getting arrested various times for account's of vandalism and possession of illegal substances in Biblao. Both there finished their degree's in the early months of 2012 so after leaving prison for possession of cannabis Alex Conview went back to the City of Valencia along with Laka (who had dropped out of Uni to continue his work as a active member of ETA). There they lived in peace for a few months while trying to find job offer's while also being high vocal point's for Catalan independence from Spain itself.


One of the various Protests attended by Alex and Laka in the Catalan regions

5: The Outbreak

The exact date when and where the outbreak that hit Spain is unknown to the general public, but most believe that it started from the northern parts of Spain in the Catalan regions or maybe via a ferry that entered a harbor in Barcelona. Most of the details of the events in Spain are rumored or just common folk law but for what people do know, it was affected like many other of the countries, the infection spread fast all over and the local government's could not keep control of the area's. Also due to mistrust the Spanish people had with their own government Spain was hit again after a few week's of quarantine with the rise of Active para-militant group's such as the Falange, C.N.T and the Popular Front(originally a Pacifist group later becoming a Para-militant one). Securing area's of cities from the local forces and putting them under their own political and survivalist mannerisms.

Local governments fell and all radio contact from outside Spain was lost after the first month of the outbreak, yet some area's where occupied slowly by groups but other's seemed to have failed. In the south east end of Spain though mainly in the Valencian regions. The infection was not "controlled" but area's of the capital where occupied by local groups bit by bit. Originally working together on peaceful terms but later on (as Shall be explained later as the guerrillas) they ended up turning on each other for supplies and political beliefs. Cities such as Bilbao, Torrevieja, Denia, Benidorm, Sevilla Are believed to of had some military control from the first months but it is Unknown for the current day for the state of the cities. But places Like Madrid, Barcelona and other major capitals are considered Overrun and controlled in pocket areas by small survivalist groups, bandit groups and possibly wild savages.

Early days:

Reports of the outbreak hit Valencia Like a huge wave, bit by bit the city fell into chaos via the huge density of the City. It hit the hospital's first logically and then spread out into the outskirts of the city and later it became a dead-zone, unlike other cities in the area, Valencia has a Military base close to the city and had enough warning to be able to keep area's of the city controlled. Some joined the goverment forces and helped them keep area's safe from the infected. One main area was the south of the City near a crop field, while other area's where controlled via small groups anarchistic groups. Alex Conview being part of the military occupation zone alongside his younger brother (he was appointed as a civil guard of Valencia durane the outbreak). Here they managed to set up a semi governmental controlled area where the remains of the valencian government could keep it's citizens protected while the military was in charge of maintaining civil control and supplies of the city. Alex volunteered as one of the night guard's for what they later called "Salvacion", both here and his brother worked together alongside Laka and Merridew and Shared a apartment together trying to find their father, who was reported to be seen on the south east side of the city near the coast also Merridew's family who also was accounted for near the coast. Merridew was appointed as one of the leading scientists to study the psychology of any infected while Laka was arrested for his crimes against what was former Spain, here he was forced to work on supply run's doing life or death situation's that other's would not risk. After the 2nd month, both families where found dead by the riverside after committing suicide, it was believed they did it 4 days earlier due to the rotting of the corpses themselves.

After a few month's the "zone" started making it's own group's from the foundation's. The military had it's own group that formed with the Very Active para-military group called Falange, A Fascist group who believed that the military should have full control of the people and they decide for them for the future of survival of the colony other was the Front, before the outbreak, they where a very active peaceful group who wanted a republic, they supported the government but believed that people should all bare the right to have arm's training and not just the military and people can do as they please under reasoning while the Falange wanted full control on the people for the greater good. As supplies got lower and lower and the infected attacks got higher groups such as these gained huge support and later on became the leading forces in Salvacion. But, with the ideological difference of both group's coursed separation zone's for both group's ordered by the remnants due to hostile act's happening in the street's, from regular arguments to pull out punch up's. After the 3rd month of the outbreak, there was what they called "El dia de oscuridad". Here both active forces came out on the street's in full number's and had a huge punch up and due to the connection of the military that the Falange had, was supplied with weaponry. After 30 minutes of arguing a lone member of the Falange Pulled out a Gun and shot down 3 member's of the front, from here the remnant government ordered the military to step in but due to the connections that the Falange had, there was a power struggle which ended with the expulsion of various militants and the Falange from Salvacion. Here people took side's.


A Modern Day's artists impression of a Bar in Salvacion.

Laka was promised freedom from the front and joined up with them at salvacion, Miles ended up joining with the Falange due to most of his research and technology was supplied by them while the Conview brother's stuck with the front, Stagg's as a volunteer guard and active member of the front and his brother as part of military that stuck with the remnant. While the Exiled group went to go and occupy a Powerplant to the south west of the city itself later on naming itself after the group itself..

This is one of the Pictures of inside of the compound of Falange itself:


Las Guerrillas:

It was not long until full out hostilities started with the group's, As supplies where short to start with both group's had something that the other wanted. What remains of Salvacion had control of food supplies and The Falange had control of the water routes and also had it's own power supply, limited but never the less enough to supply the scientific team for the cure itself. Here is where the conflict's known as the Guerrillas Started off. Guerrillas is a Spanish Term for indirect combat. Hit and run styled, and this is what for 3 months Valencia became for the two main settlement's. Loot run's became firefight's, scout group's became attack forces and it was not only those outside who had trouble, people would enter the camp's themselves and try to blow them up forcing the other to surrender.

Unknown to Stagg's At the time, His younger brother was loyal to the Falange and worked as a part Spy in Salvacion for attacks onto the camp itself, in return giving him supplies to live and a promise he would be one of the first alongside his brother to get the "Cure" if they ever found it. After a few months of attack's and Sabotage both group's ended up weakening themselves up even more for horde attack's and one time they even got themselves into the compounds themselves, yet other's believe it was intentional from the other group to let them slide in. Both sides where heavily damaged but The front itself lost more and more support and Falange became the controlling force of the city itself.


One of the various Area's that the firefight's took place in the city itself (I know it's Syria but I need something to compare it to.)

The fall of Salvation.

After what many tend to believe the 8th month after the outbreak there was a Huge attack on the settlement Salvacion itself by Bandit groups hired by the Falange and the Para-military group itself. The attack itself was Of course, a Inside job using Alex Conview (The younger brother not Stagg's) was part of the gate opening force that let in the Attacker's at night into the compound. The firefight itself lasted a few hour's with the original wave of Bandidos promised the first of the good's of course being mowed down by the Guard active who had the area on lock-down. Then the Falange forces entered from a tunnel area from the south entrance all wearing White mask's to identify themselves easier do to the lack of uniforms and to stop friendly fire. Stagg's was of course, posted on the southern side and was told to follow his brother to help them alongside Laka to defend the south if anything should happen.

Stagg's was stabbed in the back by his own family under the quote: It's for the best brother. The men where knocked out and left in the street's while the younger one let in the troops. He put on his white mask and helped them all get in. There the fight really started, It was a clear victory for the Falange. They had the flank on both side's and quickly enough the battle was in the hands of the Falange to the Front itself. Both Stagg's woke up about 20 minutes later and found themselves tied to a streetlamp with blood dripping from their forehead's, both had to naw their way past the rope and tried to get the flank on the attacking force to try and slow it down. They found a corpse with a few weapon's and and picked them up to try and course as much damage as possible to the enemy to help their brother's. Laka was originally reluctant, he wanted to take the tunnel itself and escape the city while they could before being hunted down but Alex wanted to do what he could and find his brother, From there they both sneaked up on the main force and tried what they could, They killed 5 member's from behind and started heading to the theater (that was the town center for Salvacion), There they where flanked by two masked men and a 3rd on the bridge originally intending to open fire but then was given the order's to hold their gun's down. The two men they faced Where: Alexander Conview and Julio Cruz (Julio cruz was one of the leading commander's of the Falange and chief of the infiltration squad). There both Alanze and Stagg's where given the choice to join them in the fight or to die on the spot, His own brother begged him to join with him and not to be so self-fish of his "ideal's" once in his life. Stagg's Refused and quoted: A man without ideal's or moral's that just goes by emotion is one of impulse and lack of humanity. There Julio Raised his weapon and So did The younger brother for the execution of both of the men, they both pulled down their mask's and readied aim, Laka had one trick up his sleve, He ran and grabbed Julio turned him to the sniper, the man got shot in the shoulder and fell to the floor and there and then, Stagg's without thinking pulled the trigger on his own brother. He sat there no longer than 20 sec's said his last word's and took his brothers mask. From there both Laka and him agreed to escape the compound and to head north out of valencia, while Julio Cruz was still alive, They spoke of Rumor's from Russia that was passing the radio signals a few months back that the infection never hit there due to the cold, so they left the city, Grabbed the emergency truck and drove north.


A copy of the Mask that his brother wore

while getting Shot

Escape To Russia

With the dream that both had that the Russian land's themselves where clean. They both decided to go via different name's. Stagg's Decided there and Then he would take up his brother's name of Alexander Conview but in Short "Alex". Laka said it would be Stupid and asked him why not Name himself after a happy memory. From there on he Decided to call himself Stagg's As it was the first animal him and his brother had hunted together back before the outbreak happened when they both where young. Laka being the proud man decided to keep to his name as he quoted: We are all dead men, no need to slow down the process. With their pickup truck they left the country and past the mountains into mainland Europe passing by and meeting other groups (The names are unknown to them because they had little knowledge of the languages and little account with other social interaction, they had their objective and so they followed it. They came along with other individuals on their journey and of course, on the way lot's died either due to infection,capture, rape or just plain out banditry.

The exact area's where they went are not 100% sure but They believe that they went past France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and in the end got the the borders of Russia near south Zargoria what had the name that the locals liked to call "The Wastes", a barren life free area full of Tree's and motorways, there for 3 day's they ended up staying at a Settlement That they liked the call the "prison" A old military camp on the far south of mainland Russia but still a fair distance from the coast, Laka Decided to stay there as he had enough traveling and liked the idea staying here while Stagg's decided to head south to try and Find any remnants of a communist government in the lands close by hearing rumors of Active groups such as SVR and the NRF. Due to the lack of know how and map skills both Alanze and Stagg's found themselves on the south end of the Russian border near South Zargoria after 4 month's of journeying. This is where his adventure in a place for Chernarus Began.


A map showing Chernarus and also the Russian border..About 30km north past the black mountains is the settlement "The prison"(Later on shall be explained in detail what the prison is)

7:South Zargoria: (Every single event here has Happened IG)

The first City He managed to find was the city of Berezino. Unknown to him at the time, He found out that This area was a fairly control part of the world with a variation of Groups that he later on would encounter and befriend or become worst enemies with, from fear he decided to keep counselling his identity and Go around as the individual named : Stagg's. He had gotten used to it the last few months and really did not want to be kept reminded about him and his brother..Also with member's of the Falange Trying to hunt down him alongside Mr Cruz himself he thought it would be best to keep his identity hidden first. After gathering his first lot of Supplies and Some Russian weaponry he met a group of Ironically speaking English Australians, who later on became to befriend him: Anth.Dean.Broke and various other people. From there they showed Him the ropes on the lands, how to get around, who controls and who to befriend. But his first true encounter was with The Irish republican Army down by Electro, There they interrogated him but let him free seeing he had nothing of true value on him. Later on becoming one of his truest enemies. They showed him to a place that was controlled Via the group called Raven shields mercs and as the ausi's where hunting down the IRA He decided to help out as they had helped him on his travels, The results where a disaster, After capturing and killing various people to gather information on the IRA one of the victims they agreed to let lived snitched on them and called for backup. There Stagg's was captured By the a man called Winslow Barrinton, who later on after the firefight shot Stagg's in the stomach as he ran into the forrest, the enter ausi squad was killed besides Anth and Stagg's was left alone by himself in the forest Bleeding out by himself trying to get to the nest as quick as he could..little did he know he was heading south to cherno.

After a 1 hour walk slowly bleeding out, he came across a lone individual, stuck by the possibility for supplies and help, he raised his weapon and tried to rob the man, he turned and shot him in the leg badly hurting him and after a tense firefight Stagg's managed to trick the man thinking he was dead later on to Shoot him in the head and to then take all his supplies for his own keeping. He then kept walking another 30 minutes and then found himself by a river bed dying, after all that happened he was ready to die.

This is where he met The man Professor Charles Jackson.

The Watcher's:

The Professor helped Stagg's back onto his feet and took him to the free medic's in where they patched him up after various day's being unconscious, he then woke up at a place called pobeda dam and was given a radio Signal of the man that saved his life, He was told to meet him down in a place called Cherno if he wanted to say thank you for saving his life. Stagg without haste asked for the first lift and went to meet the man. There they met, Fidor Anderson, Charles Jackson and Ryan, The original Watcher's alongside a recruit who also happened to be Spanish Santiago. Here the professor explained to him why he saved his life and who they where, for a life dept and with a common enemy Stagg's decided to join up with The Watchers to help take down the IRA and also The Proff had had the same experience that he himself did.

The Watcher's then where former members of a Group called fourfive, a semi bandit group with a background they all regret they taught Stagg's the code and after a while gaining the respect of him to the professor, later on being one of the few individuals that he gave his name to with trust. There they practiced the code and protected the civilians from bandits and later on became good friends with each over, each one with a dark past but wanting to do good.


The original Squad of TWS

As the group grew so did her enemies and Stagg's persona, His guilt for his brother's death started consuming him day by day and he then used the alter "Stagg's" personality and the Code to justify his actions and later on became one of the founding commander's of the group itself, being a man of words more than gun's the Professor appointed him as one of the diplomats of the group. He later on Became a well known character in the lands with his due to the use of his hidden voice changer and the use of a black mask over his brother's white mask, as he refused to take it of for personal reason's of self regret on the matter. Later on Becoming one of the leading commander CR's of the encampment of Alter Castle Stagg's had saquered his goal for protection he wanted from the Falange group that had been hunting him down, but down to a increase of paranoia, refused to tell anyone about his past, name or even show his voice or face. He after a while clipped in a voice changer under his mask, giving him the accent he is known for around the area's and when in trouble, takes it out to hide himself from any troubles, obeying the code itself.

The code of TWS:

For many of TWS, the code was a Guideline per say, but for Stagg's it was a life Choice, he saw it as he saw communism and back in the day before the outbreak, before anything emotional must come the better for other's and after a while like Papa (later commander of TWS) he developed a manner of mental and psychical tests for anyone who would want to join the group, most of them ending up getting shot or him getting shot forcing the person into doing what the code considers "The right thing".

After a long period in being in TWS and the levels of paranoid and backstabbing that happened over and over within the group and outside the group, Stagg's developed a minor case of paranoia and degrading per say. A lot of his actions he could not handle but he knew he had to do them so he created a Alt personality to be able to do such thing's Such as the Stagg's persona many have met, but the people who he let knew, knew he was nothing like that but a pure coward running from his past and a very suicidal individual starting to doubt if anything he does will affect any outcome what so ever.

After 3 months, he was captured by Julio Cruz and his men, alongside a old friend Miles Merridew who went along with his to track down Stagg's as quick as they could, They took him up to the prison for 3 weeks what they had turned into a little experimental encampment for Miles's Studies. Here Both Laka and Stagg's where psychologically experimented on and tested before being due for execution by the Falange but after the 2nd week, Miles felt pity for both of them and helped them Break out of the prison and all the 3 men headed south back into south Zargoria to escape the prison. Nobody decided to help or try to help the man, from there Stagg's lost all trust he had with his friends within the watcher's and decided he would want to be feared rather than a friend so his tests became harder, more brutal and in the end sometimes even killing the person due to the lack of willingness to understand the code.


Stagg's In his Watcher uniform

after coming back from The prison

His level of respect for the command degraded even more, after Papa himself gave Stagg's the test and since that day, had hated the man and wanted him dead, for a long time, since the professor died he believed he was the true commander of The watcher's and always butted head's with Papa ever since about the chain of command. He stayed with him for the respect of the Professor but never did follow his order's trying to get the other watchers to see that he was not a true leader.

The Watcher's themselves last for about 7/8 month's, Stagg's mental stability was a on and of Target and inside the watcher's he was responsible for the murder of Various member's who he believed: Got in the way. He believed he had to be hard to get stuff done and in the end was the downfull of the group. After a disagreement and various murdering inside the group itself, The Watcher's broke up and Stagg's alongside very few were the surviving member's, even though the original squad had been long dead for a while.

Current day:

Now Stagg's is a lone wolf, he hang's around with Two laddies called Amy and Daisy and some of his loyal group of watcher's trying to keep in contact with other's inside the group itself. His level of respect for the professor died once he found out that everything was just a trick for his own entertainment and then put his loyalty into Papa...but from there on no longer believed in the code, He tried from here to help a dear friend of the Watcher's Doctor Sophia Atwood with her research for the cure itself but later on failing due to her death. He now romes the wastes as a lost dog, trying now to make sense to it all and also find Sophia's Daughter, Dora Atwood and protect her for Sophia's own Sake.

Friends and enemies:

The man has not nearly considered having many friends in south zargoria but mainly people who he would like to trust and trusted the most for the longest time was Mick Thompson, once of the original members of the squad who later on went rogue and left chernarus. Besides him he would consider a friend would been Andrei Charkovsky, a fellow communist and a good friend of Stagg's who he fought alongside with in the war, after the Watcher's falling apart he considered joining his fellow friend and the Volki but decided not to as he was loyal to Papa and The fallen. Other people would be a good friend of his Seeker, who saved his life various times at the outpost from many people and who he considers owes him a life dept but never really has told him his name also has a loyalty to a young man called Fred and Decosta (one of the recruits who he pushed to far). He also had a extreme loyalty to Kallie Sway, a sucicial girl who cut her wrists in front of Stagg's who know every day goes and visits her grave to pay his respect's to her every day, but also has grown quiet fond of the two cannibal's: Amy strange and Daisy Bloom

There is a short list that really do know his name and some are still not alive but this is the ones who he know's and trusted to tell his name to: Doctor matt brown(believes to be dead), Mick Thompson(gone rogue), Alice Thompson(Mick's wife and was told in a matter of a mental breakdown), Professor Jackson, Ivan(former member of Outcasts) and Doctor Sophia Atwood(Dead).

His enemy list is a long one, from groups like the NRF, SVR, Falange, Fascists, Dogpig, CLF, Dragons, Vendetta, B-17,BHM, SDS and the SKA. Main individuals ironically where friend's of his until they bretrayed him or Stagg's pushed them over the limit such as: Ed Holmes, Bobby Rice, Victor Cruz and Doctor Matt brown.

Personality and Mental issues.

Alexander Conview has a Split personality issue, originally a cover up alter ego, later on becoming himself and he uses it to cover up the guilt of the murder of his brother, he uses the alter Stagg's personality to justify a lot of his actions and in that way punishes himself for what he did. At the Prison, Miles classified him as a Masochist and also with tendencies of Sadomasochism on other's, punishing other's to later on get them to punish him for what he has done and what he is. The personalities are switched on and of originally with control but now are part of his natural flow so what he does now is what he want's to do..feeding him guilt inside even more. He wears his brother's death mask as a reminder to himself daily on what he had done to his brother and that he must pay daily for his actions as he can never forgive himself for shooting his own brother.


Stagg's post-Watcher era in Chernarus

Stagg's has a fear for hights and a huge for for spider's, he also has a alcoholic addiction and has been a chain smoker for 10 year's regularly smoking Weed. He has been known to take psychedelic drug's in chernarus and also has been known to suffer minor case of schizophrenia (he see's figures randomly out of thin air due to a bad trip he had once). But his biggest fear is letting people get close to him and when he tends to do open up, he eventually kills them due to paranoia (Such as the case of Alice, attempted murder).

//This is a attempted for my character's Wiki that i got a idea from Crimson to Do, Huge spoiler's on how my character work's but hey..i felt like writing it, feedback would be great! hope you enjoy!

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Looking great Staggs! It's nice to know a bit more about Alex even know I know some of this already! :D

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Impresssive :D.

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Too many spoilers.

Must not read.

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Excellent work, detailed, immersive and despite the length I had to read it all. Nicely done Sir!

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Looking great, mate!

No mention of Segey, eh? ;) Seriously though, very detailed and interesting! :D

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I know your name Staggs ;) when u started your character :)

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Nice. Except you didn't put it IN THE CHARACTER WIKI THREAD.

Sucka. ;P

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Nice. Except you didn't put it IN THE CHARACTER WIKI THREAD.

Sucka. ;P

I have a terrible ego problem ;)

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Really cool staggs good work.

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I didnt see Dmitri Chernov in that list of friends Staggs :P

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Not bad at all, misspellings aside.

Just want to point out, though, that it's never really been confirmed that Daisy and Amy are cannibals. It's all just hearsay and rumors. :)

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Not bad at all, misspellings aside.

Just want to point out, though, that it's never really been confirmed that Daisy and Amy are cannibals. It's all just hearsay and rumors. :)

Besides you know... That whole eyeball thing.

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Not bad at all, misspellings aside.

Just want to point out, though, that it's never really been confirmed that Daisy and Amy are cannibals. It's all just hearsay and rumors. :)

I'l edit that out then, Sorry thought you told me IG that you where...Yeah... I never really studied English so my spelling is not going to be the best in the world :S.

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Not bad at all, misspellings aside.

Just want to point out, though, that it's never really been confirmed that Daisy and Amy are cannibals. It's all just hearsay and rumors. :)

I'l edit that out then, Sorry thought you told me IG that you where...Yeah... I never really studied English so my spelling is not going to be the best in the world :S.

Well, I guess I should only speak for Amy. xD

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