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Server time (UTC): 2022-05-28 13:06

Finally made a whitelist!

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Hey guys I said hello earlier this month but I actually never made a application and I finally did since i'm off work / no school. Finally have time to have fun! Hope to see you guys ingame and get myself robbed :)

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Just a quick thing though, you need to activate your account by making a post somewhere. Underneath your name you can see the amount of posts you have, when it says 1 your account is then activated. If you don't make that one post within 30 days your account will be deleted, whitelisted or not and you'll have to apply again.

The only places that don't add to your post count are, Off-topic, Intros and farewells and private clan forums. Anywhere else is fine as long as the post is somewhat meaningful and relevant to the thread.

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So it just has to say 1? Does that mean my account is activated? Sorry i'm new to forums in general.

I may have worded it oddly :P

You just need one post to activate your account, you've got two; you'll be fine :D

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