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Guest Erich Manstein

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Guest Erich Manstein

Hey all, I'm new to this community, looking forward to some great RP experiences with all you guys, you seem like a friendly bunch :) A bit of background information, 19 year old guy from Australia. I hope to see you all in game soon.

Here's my characters background story: Read it if you like haha. :)

Deutschland (Germany), How I miss the great fatherland, what I would do to back in Munich just once again. Sent here on a business trip to discuss a trading partnership with the Chernarus lumber Company and it's vast forests has turned out not exactly how I would of expected. We all heard the news of some new disease turning people mad, it didn't seem to bother most, until you finally saw it and what extent this disease has done to humanity here.

I arrived at the HQ of Chernarus Lumber Company in the port side town of Berenzino. The boat docked in the port and off we stepped to find a town that looked like it's inhabitants had rushed off and left the majority of their belongings behind. My colleagues and I weren't sure what was going on and neither was our captain of the ship and the few crew he had with him. We all walked towards the town, stepping over the broken glass and trash that littered the ground. As we walked further into the city we heard a noise, not a noise we have heard before, kinda like a growling animal of some sort. We froze, looked around at the ghostly town that had once been a thriving city. Suddenly the noises get closer and it no longer sounds like just one but multiple, a moaning sort of noise but like an animal in pain or someone drugged up on something.

Scheiße!(Shit) I yell as a dark figure runs past a nearby alley way at one of the crew members of the ship, this animal but humanoid shaped creature pounces upon her and starts scratching and biting the flesh of this woman. She screams in agony but we're all in shock and start to panic. Suddenly more of these creatures come out of all directions. Everyone runs off into different directions, My colleagues and I run together back towards the coast near the docked boat. We get close and see the captain of the ship running up landing board trying to get on but these beasts had caught up and grab a hold of him, he's swarmed and we change directions and decide to run along the coast, running in between buildings we dodge and in out, around corners. During the panic I got separated from them and decided to run into a nearby forest not far from the seaside hoping to catch them as they run along the coast.

I wait there in the trees, hiding in a bush hoping not to get seen by one of those things again. An hour had passed, maybe more I'm not sure, and no sign of my colleagues. I assumed the worst and sat there, shocked and miserable.

This is how it all began, I'm not sure what's going to happen, but I need to find my co workers and see if we can get out of this mess.

-Erich Von Mainstein

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