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Guest renen2001

David Wiberg's story

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Guest renen2001

I was an office worker in the capital of Sweden, and I hated my job, my boss was angry all the time and hated me… But on my spare time I hunted in the woods so I didn’t have to think about work.

But one day I came to work, I walked to my desk and after 5 min, my boss came up to me and said that we had to talk, he took me to his big fancy office and said that I lost my job. I was angry and stared to say everything I thought about him (my boss). And he just got angrier and angrier and after some time the guards came and one of them took me on my shoulder, and said that I had to go, but I was so angry that I punched him in the face, and his guard friend dragged out is gun out of the holster, and pointed it at my head, and said that I had to leave, I kicked him on the leg and he fired one bullet that went right besides my head and hit my pre-boss… The guard ran to the boss and checked if he was okay, but he was hit in the chest, and the guard thought that he was dead, so he called the polis. And after that he pushed from behind and everything went black…

The next day I woke up in a sell. First I didn’t know where I was so I tried to look around, but I discovered that my head hurt, it felt like a bomb exploded every time I moved my head, so I stared to remember the day at the office. I saw a TV and the NEW’s was LIVE, and I was that they shoved a security tape on my pre-boss office… I saw me when I hit the guard and kicked the outer, then the tape went black and I heard a gunshot. I saw my face and a text that said: David Wiberg have attempted an assassination on the boss of a boss on the office of...

I wake up again and this time my head didn’t hurt, I discovered that I fell asleep again under the NEW’s. But now when I know that I would stay in this sell for a long time, I decided to escape the prison…

The next day when I was on the outside part of the prison I walked to a prisoner and said that he would get some money if he started a fight with some outer prisoners, he took the money, ran to a tall prisoner and kicked him on the leg so the tall prisoner fell over. Then some outer prisoners joined the fight and after some time everyone was fighting, the guards was so focused on ending the fight so I climbed over the wall and ran to some polis cars and went home, when I got home I took everything I needed and went to the airport (Arlanda Airport). I bought a ticket to japan because I knew some friends there, and after some time I was up in the air. When we was over the country of “Chernarus”, the plane got some technical problems so we crashed in the ocean… The last thing I remember before everything went black is the feeling of soft sand…

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