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Buy Skins as Gift's

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I came to this idea very shortly after i realize how much trouble it became when i wanted to buy skins for some people in my group. Since some people's finical stage are better then other's. So basically my suggestion is you buy a skin and you have the ability to buy and send to to another client.

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It was just suggested not long ago. But can't you just... donate money to your friend's pay-pal account, if worse comes to worse? I know it's not the same as gifting, but.. *shrugs*

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It's dangerous to go alone, take this.

In all seriousness, this has been brought up before many times and has been denied. I believe this is down to the system for skins we have now.

It's a good idea but I doubt we will see it.

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Rolle as stated multiple times that the skins are not a purchase, it is a gift for donating. No matter if you view it as a purchase or not, it is a gift for your kind donation to the server. That is why it's called 'donating' and not 'buying'.

If you 'buy' skins for others, it's no longer a gift from Rolle to you, for your kind donation, it's you using the skin as an item and purchasing it for someone else. That's not how it's suppose to be. As a matter of fact, if Rolle started calling it 'Purchase a skin' I believe it would be illegal (could be wrong though).

You can always donate money to people through PayPal and they can then donate themselves, or you can log in to their account and donate for them (a bit risky though to give away your password).

Been discussed before - not going to happen.

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