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Ban appeal for barrack Obama

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Here is the original report http://www.dayzrp.com/t-unresolved-kos-attempt--4547

Now I dont believe that he should be banned as he wrote the message only and did not fire a is Singleshot I was the one who fired all the shots from the gun. I still believe that we was in range also as you can see from the video we are very close, closer then the video of tazoo in his video also linked.

I fired I deserved the punishment not an innocent. Also the instaban without waiting for our video to be uploaded is a joke and will be getting dealt with seperatley.

We operate from within the rules and don't break them no matter how many false reports we get against us.

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After reading the report I have decided to revoke the 2 day ban but keep the reset, as it was not Oldman than killed anyone. He still failed to get in range, which is why the reset will remain.

Next time make sure you are within range when starting a robbery.

EDIT: Looking at the bans, he wasn't banned any way.

EDIT2: Sorry, ban list didn't load. Unbanned.

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Yes but he had no control over the heli he was just the message guy/initiator and he did not fire at all just sat in the back seat and typed. He should not get a reset either as it was me that fired and caused the aparant "KOS".

On a side note the rules for chases need to be amended as they knew our intentions upon them even before a shot was fired.

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Ah we'll that's good enough I suppose.

On a sidenote is there any reason for me to put a ban appeal in for myself for my awesome honesty and compassion for this apparent "KOS" or am I clutching at straws? Lol I love playing this server and don't think I can miss 2 days lol

And it's my first apparent offense.

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Because he failed at iniating a robbery that lead to the deaths of two people, he gave you and who ever the pilot was a false understanding which made you feel you had the right to shoot at the litter bird forcing them to panic and crash.

He is as guilty in that case as you. As an admin i am of the belief that he, according to the rules, deserves a ban from the KoS report. Meekia is new and isn't of the same understanding but as a Jr. Gm she shouldn't be handling Ban appeals. Her ruling on your appeal is invalid.

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Watch the video you can clearly he me saying "I'm shooting" No one else told me to shoot it was my decision to shoot as I personally believed that we were within range, It would be ridiculous for me to type then fire as I could of missed on some shot opportunities. I made this decision and no one else hence the reason I should be the only one to be banned.

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But Oldman initiated a robbery on the two people, its his job, and the risk he takes as a bandit to make sure they involved victims are being told to stop.

He failure and your shooting resulted in the deaths of two survivors.

The ban weight for a KoS is a 3-day ban and character reset, as i can see you tried to do it right but failed, i have gone light on the both of you. the ban is fair for a robbery gone bad that resulted in the deaths of two people.

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