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I want him to go away.

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These were the words scribbled across the walls of the small shack. Some were wrote with markers while others were carved into the metal walls. Some of the other writings were,"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" and "ELSA IM SORRY!!" These more intense writings were faded, this is because they are written in blood. As you back up to leave the shack the door closes and the light fades from outside. Now there is only small amounts of light entering through the holes in the shed. From a dark corner near the entrance a raspy voice speaks up.

"You know,we don't like it when people intrude, its so....disrespectful isn't it Jacky?"

Another voice speaks up but still there is still only one man in the shed.

"Please just leave, just leave while you still can."

Fear overcomes you and all you can do is stare at the mysterious man.

"Now Jacky, that isn't very polite, lets show our guest some hospitality."

The tone of the voice is sinister and through the little amount of light coming through the shed you can see his lips form a smile. The man then leans over and gently picks up a hatchet that was leaning against the wall, As he raises it the last thing you see is the blood dripping from the blade and that sinister smirk.

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