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"The League" Events Tournament

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Greetings fellow survivors!

Just had a thought...an idea... struck by lightning and knowing me, I have to share with everyone! because I'm like that xP

I understand there is a lot of difference of opinion regarding events and selecting only a few people to participate in an event. e.g Triathlon.

But of course law and order is necessary and we can't have 60 players running around it would be chaos. *chuckles*

I was thinking along the lines of a organised Event Tournament..once a month or something, agree on a date & time, specifics and all that Jazz.

One Clan/Group selects one member to represent their respective side during the event.

(The person in charge of the event will be the "GameMaster")

(Common sense rule -No OOC or breaking character, everything we be within the guidelines of RP) Dur

Events such as triathlon, bike race, Fishing, Cross country survival... etc Keep it creative, not always centered around death :L

Also would be a good place for some common ground in the DayZ world of Chernarus. There is hardly no open free areas left in server, Prud has come under increasing attack & prime area for ambushes. (not to sound dramatic) the integrity of prud is on the line.

This Idea is centered around improving the DayZRP experience, adding much needed Neutrality to the world in game... at the end of the day.. also to have fun and RP! That's why we are all here right :)

So let us know what you think please or PM me.

P.S No naughty language, flaming or kissing ass. Cheers


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Guest John Le Bear

Hunger games :troll:

Pffff Hunger Games scrub.

If you are going to relate it to something, then its Battle Royale.

The integrity of prud is on the line.

Yeah....That was lost long ago. In the words of a great man:

Fuck Prud

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