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Dayz Upon Dayz: A Story of my Life

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Oh... where to start? I guess, contrary to the popular way of doing things, I will start at the end. So... here I am, lying on my death bed, reciting a story of my life to you, my only friend. As I lie here, slowly loosing my grip on reality, I want you to know that you were the one that has always been there for me. From the day I washed up on this god forsaken coast, to the day I drift away to better lands from the same god forsaken coast.

You know the details of my life before the incident, my dead end job, my wife and kids, you know it all, so, I will spare you the details. I am not here to tell you what happened to me before the incident or the story of my life at all. I am here to tell you what happened when you were not watching, when you were not there. I will begin at the most appropriate part, with sand in my face and a gun to my head.

I had just washed up on the shore and regained consciousness to find a man, tall and thick, standing there holding a rifle up to my head. I quickly backed away from him and he spurted something in a language I did not understand. I sat there, wondering what had happened and he once again spurted those same words. I finally conjured up the courage to speak. I told him I didn't speak his language and he gave me a cold stare. I truly feared for my life, if I was still alive that is. The man kept spitting the same gibberish. I had to do something, I tried to stand up and the man took the shot.

Well, you are sitting here next to me, so you must know that I didn't die. In fact, the man missed and I was left with my ears ringing. Suddenly I saw two people running towards the man. In a panicked state, I began to back away slowly, as one would with a bear. These two people kept running, sprinting towards the man. The man fumbled with his rifle, trying to reload it, but he was too late. The people jumped on him and started to maul him viciously.

I ran, fast, faster than I ever had run before, and that is when I met you. You were just sitting there in some bushes, hiding from something. This is where our friendship began, you grabbed me and pulled me into the bush. You asked if I was crazy. I asked you why you would think I was and you explained what happened after the incident. These men roaming on the streets were monsters. They consume flesh for sustenance. That is where our story began and that is where this piece of my story ends.

Goodnight my friend, I will continue when the sun rises again.

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