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Quite the Server Indeed

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As the subject states, this looks like quite the server indeed. I think I will get hours of enjoyment out of this... that is, when the whitelist becomes open for non-donors and/or I muster up that small sum of money in order to donate. Either way, I will stay in the forums until then. Keep up the good work.

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  • Emerald

Welcome. You'll be staying here awhile.

Even when you lose the majority of your friends on the server, you hate a lot of people you've met over your travels, and you hate yourself for coming back, you'll come back. Oh, believe me, you'll come back.

We always do.

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Too much life, too much money, WHY DO I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ROLLE! YOU STOLE MY LIFE! In all seriousness, welcome to the server, hope you enjoy your stay, PM me with any questions and/or concerns.

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