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Help Please


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  • Sapphire

Hi, I'm really new to the community and was wondering if anyone could tell me where there are hangouts for people in the game? Like some open posts or something.

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  • MVP

Welcome to the community and the apocalypse. Here is some advice I was given when I first started - Ask while you are in game as it will be good RP. Go to a major town and you should meet people there so you can ask them where to go. Consider it a part of the RP experience.

There are certain areas people/groups hang out and there are small camps dotted around the map.

Or use the search function, lots of threads about this have been done before.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun doing it!

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  • Emerald

Did the replies answer your question HowToDressWell? And do you have any other inquiries?

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