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7 Day Ban , 10 points , Char reset for False report.

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

The verdict is not fair because, I have been banned of a false report, a report that I had no control over, a report that I didn't say should be made, a report I simply was involved in, and was banned for it. a false report is, where I am trying to get someone banned but nothing has happened, basically it was all legit, I don't see how it was all legit, especially since I showed no hostilities, was the first one to run away with a weapon,You can clearly hear that I said "Avoid this town at all costs" as shown in this video here:

and was accused of trying to kill one of them by the admin with this statement:

"This video: http://youtu.be/UlZTS5PVjjM All my wot. You're clearly trying to find them and set a trap in the hope that you'll at least be able to take one of them with you. Foolishness. Disregard for your own well-being."

I never, EVER, shot a single bolt (which is the only bolt I had) at the enemy, I simply hid in trees, to see if I was being followed, because if I was, I would have dropped my weapon once again.

Also, you weren't there, I don't think I'm stupid enough to not know that you have to care for your character's life like you would your life, this is not Counter-Strike or Battlefield 3, ofcourse I wouldn't trade my own life for one of theirs just because I had KoS rights.

""Complied with their orders? No you didn't. You stopped the moment you were out of their sight and changed direction.
The facts of the matter are that everything CSR did here was within the rules. They told you to run east - you did so for perhaps a couple hundred meters, then stopped, regrouped and changed direction. Then you circled around to do the opposite of what you were told."

They told me to run to the "Border" they never told me to run to the "Border of the country" so when they said border, I assumed that they were talking about the border of the treeline, so I went there and stopped, waited to talk to the other people who were robbed, and we decided to team up together until we found some gear, when we were looking for some gear, we noticed a deerstand, which had the crossbow in it, I don't get how I did the opposite of what I was told, I figured out that they told me to not come back while they were shooting weapons at me, how am I supposed to hear this? I heard it after listening to the video 100+ times, using some editing programs to lower the gunshots. While playing, I never heard a thing about not coming back, and I didn't go back to the place where they told me not to come back, I simply avoided the general area, and went to a town, where then I spot them, and I run away, since I meant no hostilities to them, if they wanted me to go to the border of the country, they should have made their intentions more "clear" and not while shooting weapons.

"CSR then frisks all of them for "Sharp objects, radios,explosives"

We were never frisked for sharp objects, the only things we were frisked for was Radios and Explosives, not sharp objects.

Proof that we were never frisked for sharp objects:

Chat Logs:

01:17:24 : Direct: Vasily Malyy: Very nice, Tovarish
01:17:29 : Direct: Vasily Malyy: Okay, you three
01:17:34 : Direct: Artyom Belinsky: Very nice!
01:17:35 : Direct: Vasily Malyy: Run the way I'm pointing
01:17:42 : Direct: Vasily Malyy: And don't stop until you reach the border.

Which didn't even come up on the Chat Logs.

"They were doing you a favor by allowing you to live. Failing to state consequences for returning to the area? They already had KoS rights, and the firing of guns as you retreated should have been interpreted as a threat of what might happen if you don't stop running."

I have been told multiple times by the community that if you comply to everything they say (Which I have), they have no reason to kill you on sight, if they told me to go, for example:"Run this direction for 5 minutes, but never come back this way for the next 2 hours, or you will be dealt with harshly." I would have done so, I believe they didn't make their intentions clear at all, so I was somewhat left in the blank, I decide to avoid the initial place where we ran away from, and try my luck at another town, I get shot at and I'm supposed to stop? After they already shot one of the other two? Hah, no thanks I'll pass on that, I mean who would stop if someone is repeatedly shooting 7x62 bullets that fly right next to your head, they were obviously shooting to kill, so I ran away.

Also, I've never been told that you should run that way for at least 1 km by anyone, nor is it stated on any of the rules I've read.

"When one of them threatens you, you need to take it seriously, not look for a long chance to hurt them back."

I've never looked for a long chance to hurt them back, if Sin was referring to the part where I stood in a tree for 2 minutes, I was simply checking if I was being followed, to be honest, I'm not stupid enough to go against 5 people with AR's by myself with 1 bolt for my crossbow.

It's ridiculous to argue that they didn't gain KoS rights on you after disarming and torturing you. I presume you have no problem with the original initiation? At that point you all gained KoS rights on each other. Granted while they have you subdued, you're under their protection and they have to keep you healthy, but releasing you does not mean that they sacrifice their rights. The moment you deviated from their instructions, they had reason to suspect you were out to get them, and you were free game.

But what I'm trying to say is, when they say "Border" their instructions are not as clear as they can be, "Border" can mean multiple things to me, it can mean Border of the city, Border of the country, Border of the treeline etc. , I did not know that I was deviating from their instructions, because the instructions weren't clear to begin with, you can see this in the video I'm about to upload, they are telling me to not come back while shooting with weapons, how am I supposed to hear that in the first place when they are taking shots with high caliber weapons that make loud noises.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I think I pretty much explained everything on the first section, please take no offense to what I've said above, after reading it over, I decided that it did indeed come out a bit offensive, I'm not trying to offend anyone, simply trying to explain what I think and my main concern is to have my penalty revoked.

I will be providing the extra proof to prove some of my points:

I am the guy in the skull hat with the crossbow in this video, This video proves that I indeed, did not have any hostile thoughts in mind when I saw them:

Here is proof that I was indeed, never frisked for any sharp objects, but only for Radio/Explosives:

I am currently working on uploading all of the evidence I was able to get from this incident, will be posting links here, my apologies for providing shorter versions in the report itself, since I do my job and study on the PC, and I can't afford the internet being like a snail (which is only a tiny bit faster than a snail as is :P) while I haven't finished my weekly Job/studies, since I don't have any use for the PC for the next 2 days, I will be uploading the full, unedited evidence I have.

Also, please, PLEASE ask me any questions you may have that may help you come to a verdict for this appeal, I will gladly answer to you if I am able to.

Evidence Part 1 will be here:

In this video, you can observe if the instructions were clear, and how I interpreted it (I stopped for the other two at the end of the treeline namely, the "border" of it.)

Evidence Part 2 will be here:

In this video, you can see how I was trying to avoid them at all times, did care about my own well being, and after I made certain enough time had passed, I logged off at Prud.

Evidence Part 3 will be here:

(I really think this is optional, but it's worth taking a look at, maybe you can figure something out that I couldn't.)

Also, please keep in mind that these videos are from different times, (1st one is before they let us go, 2nd is after we run into eachother and they start shooting at us, 3rd one would be before they started torturing Damien.)

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I would like my points revoked, and my ban lifted, if there is another circumstance that would make it unable for the staff to completely revoke my penalty, then a reasonable reducement would be really satisfying for me. I simply feel 7 days for a report that I didn't even create is a bit harsh.

What could you have done better?:

Maybe I could have made my PoV clearer in the first place, other than that, I don't see what I did wrong.

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Appeal Denied.


You were ordered to leave the area, from what we can tell the order was specific enough that your actions indicate non compliance. With this in mind the report was false.

While I understand that you may not have intended to create a false report you have to understand that a report is a very serious thing. You are accusing another member of the community and you are taking up the time of the staff team. We cannot allow people to flippantly report others. Also I understand you did not create it personally, however you were a person who vigorously tried to pursue it and assisted in the continuation of the false report.

The only person according to the information we have who attempted to make an admittedly belated attempt to escape was Damien Cross. Our information indicates he after a while did attempt to make a bee line to Prud.

Due to this the original verdict holds and no action will be taken.


No Action Taken.

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