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  • Sapphire

*Henry sits on top of the northern hill at the Pobeda homestead, writing in a small book with his right hand, holding an engraved Zippo lighter in his left*

I think its over now...

Lots of stuff happened all in such a short time.

I killed John.

I'm not proud of what I did but he seemed so sad.

He broke the one promise I made him keep "Keep Hannah safe".

He let his fiancée just walk off and kill herself.

He could have followed her and stopped it from happening.

Fox found him at Prud, playing with the lighter, the lighter I had given her five years ago.

Took him to the lakes east of Prud to calm his nerves, I was passing through having recovered from my fight with Derek, Matt wanted his information, well I tried to get it, Derek left me for dead and Matt didn't even have the decency to help me, that fucker wants me to help him, he has to work for it now... pushed me under the bus.

Anyway... I found John with Fox, I asked Fox to leave us alone for a bit, we talked, and then I killed him.

I am not a murderer, think of me as the vet who puts the suffering dog out of his misery, John told me he had no reason to live any more, he told me he was suffering, I put an end to that.

I went back there this morning and buried the body, I put it under the tree where he and Hannah had sat the other day, I don't know what I will do about Hannah, don't think I will ever find her body.

Fox had the audacity to call me a murderer, we talked for a bit at Pobeda, asked me what happened to John, I denied it of course, what was I supposed to tell him, "Oh Fox, you have been away for a while and found a long lost friend, and I kinda killed him" Yeah, not quite the phrase to slip off the tounge.

I have been running all night, I will get some rest and see if I can dig up some more information on Matt in the morning.

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  • Sapphire

Nice job Henry! Loved the entry! Can't wait for more! Still can't believe you are hannah doe

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  • Sapphire

*A cold night sat around a camp fire with the closest thing he has to a family, Henry takes his journal out and begins to scribble in the pages once again*

Its been an eventful couple of weeks, its kind of awkward being around Fox right now... and Semi, he still accidentally calls me Isaac every now and then. It was a long time ago but I had to hide my identity, build a new name and reputation for myself, but that's in the past now... as far as I am concerned Isaac never existed, to others... well they can have their own speculations, is he dead? Did he leave? That's for them to decide.

Regarding recent events it still seems that only Derek and Fox know about Ottway... he was a good guy, maybe word will get out about his death but I doubt that people will know why he died or more importantly who killed him.

-If you have killed me and are reading this then John is buried at a lake at around 073/060 I'm not a religious man but I put a wooden cross by the tree, don't know what his view on religion was but its better than another unknown body in the ground-

I met a guy at Prud recently well I say guy he's just a kid, not sure about his age but he acts as if the world is normal, his name was Ryuzaki or something along those lines, I am surprised he has got along these past couple of years.

As for Matt, well I found him in Stary, saw him with two friends, I would have taken the shot if I wasn't worried about the possibility of him having ten guys in the sidelines as nothing more that meat shields to him.

The others seem tired now, I think I'm going to excuse myself and find a tree to spend the night under.

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  • Sapphire

Awesome dude! Can't wait for the next one

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  • Sapphire

*Another cold night comes, Henry was on top of the TEC building in Cherno half falling asleep half writing in is journal*

I ran and hid a while ago, went over the Russian border near Pobeda, I ventured out but found nothing but I found nothing but the odd hunting cabin before returning.

On my return I hear that Derek had started up the Defense Squad again, he still blames me -I had my reasons- but we came to an agreement.

I defend the Medics again, the only thing I feel I should do.

Whilst in Russia I thought of everything I had done, specifically Ottway, I don't regret it, though I feel I should...

A lot of groups have gone for the Free Medics recently, not much time to recuperate between fights but we will persevere... as usual.

However this makes me wish for the fights with D3 every other day.

Once again its getting late and its been awfully long since someone has shot at us so I better start keeping an eye out again.

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  • Sapphire

*Henry sits with a good vantage point over the Free Medics*

I seem to only get the chance to do this at night.

I have settled in once again, met the new cadets and Free Medics, Brandon is still around.

Amanda and Rebecca are the new ones, they seem nice enough.

Still getting the same Drama from the usual low level bandits, but like I said, nothing that we cant handle.

Derek still seems a bit tense with me, who can blame him? I practically lied to him for about four months straight, but my Isaac persona is dead for now. -Until a time comes that I need to hide again-

Sometimes I feel that this just needs to end.

I like to think that I used to be a good person, but I don't know any more, sometimes I hope a bandit finds me and shoots me in my sleep, shit way to go though...

No... if I am going to go, I am doing it for the Free Medics... might as well strap a satchel charge to my chest and sprint to Cherno, give those convict fucks a parting gift...

For fucks sake, the cadets are playing with their sniper rifles again, pulling zombies towards us, sometimes I don't think they care about the Free Medics at all.

I better go and fix this before they kill themselves.

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  • Sapphire

*A significantly under geared, and tired Henry sits on a roof top with his journal once again.*

We went to help some random who needed help at the airport, we saved him, began to move away before I fucked up, took the wrong turn and began to travel main roads...

Then of course we were robbed... it was my fault... the Free Medics were okay though.

They were about to take me off as a prisoner before Amanda blurted out I was her boyfriend.

Kind of stupid idea on her part, sure they were no longer interested in me, but I think it fucked her over...

They ended up taking her away.

I was ready to end my life there and then, just go to Dodge with a sub machine gun in one hand, and a grenade without the pin in the other, as long as Amanda had an escape window.

All members of the FMDS are expendable...

Free Medics NEVER are...

One of the Somalians made me take off my glove to "inspect" me for their warlord... load of bull shit if you ask me.

Arthur and Amanda might have noticed the burns on my hand and the S.D.S. didn't have too much of an interest after seeing it... viewed me as damaged goods I suppose, thank fuck they didn't see all the marks from the council gas...

I think I might just stay up here... hope I fall asleep soon...

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  • Sapphire

But.. how did you know we were at New Mogadishu? ^.^

Lucky guess ;)

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  • 1 month later...
  • Sapphire

*In a log cabin a few miles north of Chernarus with a fire burning, Henry is sat at a table writing*

Back in Russia again.

Once again nothing but empty cabins.

I must have been gone at least a month, I had no contact with the other members of the Free Medic Defence Squad, or any Free Medics for that matter.

I’ve been a part of this squad for almost a year, granted it has broken up before, but I’ve always remained true to the cause, I have always protected the Free Medics, I have attempted to guide those who have strayed from the path, I’m still unsure of Doctor Brown, then again I have heard nothing of him recently.

For all I know he may be dead.

Fuck it, I hope so.

I stuck close to the border it will take me a couple of days to return to Chernarus.

Recently I found myself wishing I could go back to Afghanistan, diffusing IEDs with Terry Taliban taking pot-shots at me every twenty minutes.

Took a nasty fall a couple of days ago, I think I fucked a rib or two. –Note to self, get a FM to check that-

I don’t even know why I am writing these things, so the fuck that kills me has a rough idea of the life he snuffed… something like that.

I can’t think how to end these any more, there is so much I could natter on about but really it is just me keeping myself awake.

Then again, I can hardly sleep properly anyway, with the dreams… they seem to be getting worse, another thing I should get a doctor to check up on, problem is the only doctor who dealt with head problems was Osaka, and fuck knows where he has gotten himself now. Not something I feel like sharing anyway.

Anyway, in these times even if I catch some sleep, how do I know that I will even wake up, for all I know some guy cuts my throat while I sleep and takes everything he finds, including this journal…

I found a nice bottle of scotch up here, going to save that for my birthday, I think that’s the third one I will spend in this hell.

I should reach Chernarus in the next day or two, hopefully nothing bad has happened while I have been gone.

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  • Sapphire

Oh boi,

Satan's back, back again. :o

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  • Emerald

Been reading through your story it is pretty interesting hope to see more to come.

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Guest Phalix


Oh boy, that made me laugh.

Your name doesn't show, and the title- 'Satan'

Too good.

Enjoying the newest entry. Haven't seen you IG much though D:

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  • Sapphire


Oh boy, that made me laugh.

Your name doesn't show, and the title- 'Satan'

Too good.

Enjoying the newest entry. Haven't seen you IG much though D:

Think I came across your guys at Pobeda a few days ago, as I have only just got back I have only been on the mod twice, hope to increase my activity over the coming weeks.

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  • Sapphire

*Sat halfway up the grassy hill at Pobeda Henry is writing in his journal with a dimly burning fire next to him*

I don't belive it... Derek killed Arthur...

I didn't really get the full story before Amanda stormed off and Derek chased after her.

Its all so much to take in...

From what I have gathered is that Arthur went crazy and threatened to kill Amanda... Derek did what he had too from my point of view...

Derek is out on the bike searching for Amanda, with all this shit going on around here I think I might just leave for an hour or so...

Come back when Derek has his shit together...

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  • Sapphire

*Somewhere in the forest to the east of the Pobeda homestead by a fire Henry is leant against a tree writing in his journal*

Well this morning was interesting, I was just walking around Pobeda making sure everything was okay when I saw a few people on the dam, but specifically people in the little recess' in the dam, who were watching me.

I thought to myself, "Well that's odd..." I then tried to get a closer look with my binoculars when he hid from me.

At this point I felt a bit paranoid, so I started to head east into the forest, just walking away slowly as if nothing had happened.

However before a few seconds had passed I noticed two or three people following me. -the third turned out to be a zombie-

I broke into a light jog just hoping they would give up once they knew that I knew they were there, I was surprised that they were quite persistent as the homestead was about fifty metres behind me so I started to run faster.

I must have been running for a few minutes when one caught up with me, -god knows how, he had some PK variant- so I decided to stop when I realized how close he was. After his friend had caught up they asked me for identification, I gave the response I always give "I don't carry any identification." To this he didn't seem happy, anyway after a minute or so -the time was spent with them telling me they wanted information, I told them I would give them any but my name-

At this point I thought I saw a CRA patch on one of they guys arms.

Anyway, after this little chat where he wouldn't stop asking my name, he shouted at me, telling me to drop my stuff.

They then made me sit away from my stuff while they pillaged the very useless bounty before them.

I asked if the patch on one of their arms was a CRA one, they claimed it wasn't but then asked if it would matter if they were -not obvious at all- so then I told him that CRA had helped my friends before such as the Free Medics and the FMDS, this made him seem a little uneasy at the time.

We then had a very pointless about my name, he got the same answer, then when he asked about if I was in any groups I told him to look in my pocket as he might find something to his surprise. He then looked in my pocket, which was where he found my patch. I chose not to wear it any more due to how aged it has gotten over the past year, and I refuse to wear a patch until I can get around to making a new one, I belive it is an insult to all the patch stands for to display one in bad condition.

So, in the end the two guys put my stuff back and let me leave, however they kept one gun on me as they were running off, which was pointless as I wasn't going to fight back.

In other news, after Arthur's funeral I shared a drink with Derek and we talked about... well every thing, turns out that crazy fucker has a degree in psychology of all things.

We talked about the time that he saved my life after a council soldier shot my leg out...

Anyway... I should head back, they are probably wandering what's going on...

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  • Sapphire





Thought I would try a new format now I have the motivation to do these again, not much interesting happening with my character so wont be to frequent.

This one was very here and there as just a catch up kinda thing, well have fun.

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