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The flying of Holyman

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About 3 months after the outbreak I was wandering across an airfield near to Vybor. Through the mist I saw the silhouette of a plane. 'Destroyed' I thought as I trudged towards it. As I approached I realised that the engine was running and there was a man fiddling with one of the wings.

I called to the man, said that I was friendly and asked if I could approach. He stopped, turned to look at me and promptly beckoned me over. I discovered that his name was Anton 'Wing Commander' Rogers. He was the mechanic of a clan who had taken over the 'North West Airfield'. I expressed my amazement that here was a working plane in a world that was all but destroyed.

We talked for some time and he offered to take me up for a ride! I could not believe it. I quickly clambered into the plane and we took off. So much had happened since the outbreak. It seemed that I had not relaxed until this moment.

We soared over Prud and then to Berezino, following the coast all the way to Kamenka. I dont think I said one word. Suddenly I was at peace away from the death and chaos of the world below.

We completed a faultless landing and sat content in our seats. Wing Commander turned to me and asked if I would like to do it again, except now I would try flying whilst at altitude. I said 'YES!'. He explained that some of his clan were injured from battles with local bandit groups and if I would spend time helping them, he would teach me to fly.

I spent the next month tending to their sick and helping to council some of their more 'damaged' members. Over that time I learnt to fly. After the death of my family I never thought I would be happy again but flying through the sky away from it all I could forget for a few moments. After some time I became proficient ande started flying supply drops for them to remote areas when Wing Commander was away.

One day the airfield was attacked by a huge group of bandits intent on taking it for themselves. I was behind the hanger as it started. Wing Commander looked up and immediatelly darted for his M4. We dashed around the edge of the hanger just as a bullet pierced Anton's skull. He lay dead on the floor and the group of bandits approached across the airfield swinging their array of military grade weapons in a nonchalant fashion. I ducked behind cover and made my escape.

I think seventeen months have passed since then. The friends I made long forgotten. I have met and helped other groups. Today I went back for the first time. The place was deserted. It looked as if everyone had left in a hurry. I looked around and picked up some supplies. I visited 5 hangers and as I approached the last I caught site of the rotar blades of their plane. I ran to the plane and got in. It was working apart from a lack of fuel. Evidently the bandits had left and had not known how to fly a plane so was ignored. I took a jerry can from my backpack and filled a small part of the plane's enourmous tank. I taxied onto the run way and took off. One of my friends Hunter Frank was at Prud and I flew low overhead whilst blowing raspberries down the radio and giving him the 2 finger salute out of the window. He guffawed as I pulled a barrel role.

I landed and put the plane back where I found it, towing it into place with my car. It was time to continue with my work but I thanked god for the miracles of planes in Chernarus.

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Woopeee! I can take you guys for a ride if you want (chance of crashing is significant)?

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