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[MR] [WIP] Desal aftermath


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  • Emerald



Hi everyone,

Was going over some of the old files I had from when we made the Desalination Plant, and thought it would be cool to have a version of the fallen settlement.

Back in the day when SASR was around we had this settlement on S1.

It was a central hub for survivors to meet, trade, share stories and get attacked by SKA.... hehehe.

We used to hold some events with the admins where we would have packs of undead storming the settlement, and when we disbanded we used that as the story of being over run and having to flee the settlement.

Some of us made it out and some didn't.

I have made a number of changes to the files over the past few months, and removed a large number of objects to try and reduce any lag that might be created by objects added to the game.

If you would like to see something added or removed let me know.

From North Berezino


Front of driveway


Front of Desal


East side of Boundary wall


Heli Pad


West Boundary wall



Inside camp








Hobo camp out the east side of Desal



Back of Desal


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  • Sapphire

Yeah indeed, a big explosion has been there which will leave total destruction.

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  • Emerald

Needs the Michael Bay treatment.

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  • Emerald

Cool thanks guys ill work on it some more tomorrow and ill see what I can do ;-)

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  • Titanium

I've been waiting for this day! *cry* *cry* *sniff* *sniff*

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From what I knew the plant didnt take my damage at all from our retreat, The battle took place away from desal, Zombies couldn't blow up a settlement all they could really do is break walls and the stands and stuff, Not blow the thing up...

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Guest whitepointer

Nice to see the plant back, however for a ruined version I strongly recommend a few things.

Firstly is the fact that everything looks exactly the same as before, everything looks untouched. Although it would have been abandoned for a -long- time, on the day of the event of which it was destroyed, there would have been major disturbances to the surroundings.

In relation, I advise you move objects to more unorthodox places - to make them look out of place.

Furthermore, you should edit some larger scale objects (crates), some that have been disturbed somewhat and are crossing the road. Things like that can make a huge difference to the feel.

Secondly is the fact that it looks way to clean. When I was creating 'Oldmans Sawmill', I came to the realization of how beautiful plants/flora can be.

By adding in flora to the surroundings; on the roads, around items, up the walls and around the wrecked cars, it can greatly contributes to the feel that it has been 'forgotten' in a sense.

All in all, things like that would greatly contribute to the feel of the new Desal. No need to take my advice, just an opinion after all.

Best of luck, i'm sure you'll get there soon enough.

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  • MVP

It needs to be more opened, some gaps, pipes falling down and stuff like that.

Other than that I'm hyped to see Desal again :D

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  • MVP

I would love to see Desal back, some good memories there. It needs to have a more 'overgrown' feels to it and a little more disarray within the plant. So a look of no one has been there for a while etc...Nice idea to bring it back though.


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  • Emerald

I would love to see Desal back, some good memories there. It needs to have a more 'overgrown' feels to it and a little more disarray within the plant. So a look of no one has been there for a while etc...Nice idea to bring it back though.


Mate you just gave me an awesome idea.

Ill continue to work on it and post up some updated photos.


I would like to thank everyone for their feed back it is much appreciated, this is truly an awesome community :-D

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  • Sapphire

omg please give us Desal back :c

I miss my home 3

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  • Emerald

I never really got to RP in this place. I hope it makes a come back. Also it might bring the coast back to life again.

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