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Unban Appeal - Character Reset - Warning Points - Rpilmore - False Report


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  • Sapphire

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

Ban Request.

Why the verdict is not fair:

Because the first Civlian shot was in the original Initiation and was shot for having his gun raised, At the betty van

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

The Civilian that was shot first was affiliated with BoS in some way as they were in the original Initiation and had there gun raised at the betty van.

In what way or we ment to know if the civilian was NOT in the initiation if they have there gun raised at the car walking slowly around it like they were in comms with BoS.

So let me get this straight.

When logs were pulled it should have been clear that B-17 did in fact kill an innocent civilian before any civilians decided to retaliate. It is very plausible to believe that innocent civilians were taking fire and they had every right to neutralize the threats. Bottom line is that civilians were taking fire from B-17 and decided to fight back. This evidence, along with other factors, is indicative of a legitimate retaliation from the civilians.

The original guy killed there was in BoS comms, From my understanding so in which way do the rest of the Civilians get KoS rights on us?

If I was the Civilian and i was shooting at a Random person that was shooting at people that have initiated on his friends ( Tho I hadnt have clan tags ) I would not get banned for Not Re-Initiating??

I would also like to state that the Arma guy would have no KoS rights on us due to the fact we were in a firefight with BOS and if the Civilian was not involved with BOS why was he standing at the Betty Van with his gun raised and walking slowly around like we was involved in the robbery.

And then this

When two groups decide to fight with each other, especially at a place like prud lake were many people visit, you must ALWAYS identify your target and be careful of who you shoot at. It is very easy to miss your intended target in which a non involved party could perceive this as hostile action toward them.

May I ask how this is possible???? Especially in a gun fight with BOS as they have NO and I mean NO specific Clan Skin and they wear mainly all the Donation Exchange skins.

We had to eventually fall back due to the fact that we couldn't Identify them, I would also like to know who this is?

Nick Shaska Because he is not in BOS and he shot at me after the restart and eventually killed me but because of Desync it showed AJ had killed me, Also around 15 mins after the initial firefight

Izubmaw 'Nab' Gorish shot at Ray without correctly identifying he was in B-17.

What i am stating is that the Report was a major "Fuck Up" there were 1 maybe 2 Civilians with BOS initiating on Ray in the Betty Van meaning we gained KOS rights on them, Which we then get shot at by other Civilians for shooting at the ones that had initiated.

Ok so where is the correct way to post that?

That civilians are allowed to shoot at us because we shoot at Civilians that helped BOS initiate on us? or is that against the rules aswell? If so .... thats Bull crap,

Thats like saying if you get initiated on by a clan but you cannot shoot at them.

Its getting ridiculous.

Thats that

I would also like to know as it was not stated in the report were this Civilian gained his Good Samaritan from.

I unleashed a civilian on ya, and he totally had good Samaritan

I would like to ask how did this man gain KOS rights on me from my understanding he is a civilian and the initial firefight was over, Until I decided to blow up the betty van which I still had KOS rights and it was nearing the end of the firefight.

I still do not understand how a BOS member could sit there and tell a civilian he has KOS rights on us considering we didn't Initiate on BOS

Point of view from AJ

POV of Elder John Stryker:

So I was in the northern tree line when the Blue Betty van pulls up and my men said that it was B-17, So one of my team leaders wanted to rob them for the vehicles and I said not a good Idea but he went and did it anyways so I start recording and in the report has my Video of it. But when Devin(Initiator) got shot that's when all the chaos happen So I started Iding people and seen Ray running away I started shooting at him failing like crazy because of no breath. He gets away and so I start to move over and more shots are fired Civilians I believe are starting to fire back and it was just all a massive Cluster F#*$. So I then proceed to move closer to the vehicle and notice that a Guy picks up one of my men 249 I then ask can you put it down and after a couple times of doing so Kojo steps in and says that he was the B-17 that killed devin so Kojo(Civilian) kills him although he was in range of the initiation he had the rights to do it after taking multiple shots from around him. And then right after 2 other people showed up and shot Kojo. IDK what the hell is going on and was confused I just didn't shot anyone because I didn't know who was who.... So I tried to stay away and after restart happen which took a long time, We get back in and I decide to take the vehicle to get it out of there. I then was moving north of the trees and Terry launched a GP at me blowing the van up I fell out of the vehicle and started shooting at him proceeding to shot him he would not die because I think the servers were a bit lagging being right after a restart. So he then manages to kill me and that's all I can say.. I did hear my men talking about trying to kill the remainders and civilians were helping out but it wasn't conclusive to use.

So that's it I mean I don't think it will help in anyway the only other thing I can suggest is just apologize to the staff and have them understand that you thought that it was wrong at the time and was just trying to get a better understanding of the situation. Hope all is well and well I guess just play out your time and wait till your unbanned.

Have a great day


What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

For me to be unbanned to due the Formal report being an actual clarification report just to make sure what had happened because none of the Civilians were coming forward and all the BoS had no idea what was going on either, So the only thing I could have done was go formal and hear there side of the stories.

I still do not understand how they gained KOS rights on B-17 due to the fact we were the ones getting initiated on and shot at by Civilians as soon as BOS initiated, so really it was wrong both ways the civilians were shooting at us and were missing and we decided to shoot back in retaliation of them doing so.

What could you have done better?:

I honestly don't know, maybe not have made the report and tried to find the players myself which is hard but it should have been easy to do.

I did request it to go formal just for clarification of what happened but I presume the admins didn't understand were I was coming from due to the fact they were not there

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  • Sapphire

BoS members HAVE clan skins, most of the people that roll with us are initiates


You say that but yet, In AJ's video the skins were different to the ones that are in the forum thread for BOS even AJ was wearing a different skin

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  • Sapphire

Added POV from AJ

Thanks man

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  • Sapphire

Updated What I Would Like To Achieve

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  • Legend


Appeal Denied


What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

For me to be unbanned to due the Formal report being an actual clarification report just to make sure what had happened because none of the Civilians were coming forward and all the BoS had no idea what was going on either, So the only thing I could have done was go formal and hear there side of the stories.

This is not acceptable, formal reports are not to be taken lightly. You only make a formal report when you are certain that rule-breaking has occurred. Once a report becomes formal you are in essence accusing somebody of wrongdoing. In addition you are still claiming that the civilians did the wrong thing. The report cannot be both merely a clarification and a serious attempt to seek punishment, it is one or the other.

In the report you seemed to agree or at least not challenge the idea that you in fact shot into the crowd first. It boggles the mind why you think this is not dangerous for both you and the innocent bystanders. It seems to me that your recollection of the events has changed. While I am not accusing you of lying I cannot take a complete change of story into account as anybody could lie in ban appeals to avoid their full punishments. If you shoot near somebody in such a way they are entitled to feel threatened. Bullets are not exactly designed to make it obvious who they are targeted at.

After reviewing the evidence and even excluding the mentioned log the evidence seems to agree with the original verdict. No adjustments will be made to the punishment.


Ban Holds.

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