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Electric Goose

Hey, Im 98% new

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hey guys, im new. im just starting to get used to arma on its own. mainly the mouse format. i really want to do a dayzrp for youtube. I just got a 1000 dollar pc just to play dayz and also record. i can record at about 60 fps max settings, have a very decent microphone, and yeah. summer is coming soon so i want to get on this server and record a ton with all the free time ill have. i am kinda wondering, do i just come up with a character or should other people kind of build it up by mixing ideas?

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depends on your approach, but it would make the most sense to have a character / their history / personality in mind at first and then let their experiences change the way they think and feel about things. Welcome! :P

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Welcome to the community. Regarding the question about creating your own character, I suggest you consider some of the most detailed things about your character first including age, race, height, weight, country of origin and even a career. Once you have those down pact you can go into more detail about their life story and back ground, their attitude toward the world.

Some people even come up with pros and cons for their character revolving around what they have achieved in their life such as their career and life skills go. If your character is a mechanic for example, they would excel in fixing vehicles but lack in the combat side of things. I'd suggest sticking clear of the generic ideas such as military pilot's or having crashed here in some kind of wreck. Be original and unique when coming up with your character, think outside the box.

While you wait on your whitelist I suggest you work on a well thought out character. That way you can role-play to the best of your ability straight off the bat instead of learning yourself about who your own character is. Good luck with it!

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