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Hello DayZRP

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Hello guys, this is just me checking in as a new fourm member. I just wanted to say that I am looking forward to meeting most of you on here and also to hopefully getting into the game soon :). I have just come from a HL2RP group and I'm hoping my RP is up to scratch for your community.

-cheers scotsrebel

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Guest Vespah

Welcome :)

At first your RP probably wont be up to scratch, even if you have transition from another Roleplaying community, its something that will improve with experience.

Advice I can offer:

Read the rules thoroughly

Create a detailed application

Read Ban appeals and Formal reports, they are a good way of highlighting peoples mistakes so that you dont make the same mistake.

Other than that, enjoy and have fun.

If you require help, you can click the links in my Sig, PM me or a Orange [Community Helper] for help.


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Cheers buddy thanks very much for the advice I will be sure to keep it in mind :)

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