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Hey guys.

I was wondering, will anyone ever read my application for this server? :o

I singed in wednesday, and in queue my place was 22/24 or something like that.

Yesterday my position was 42/50.

Now its 34/40. At evening its probably again 42/50 or something.

Why doesnt I get closer to first place on queue? How people get better place on queue than me even they do their whitelisting after me?

First I was 22nd, now im 34th...

I don't know anything about your whitelisting system, and I understand you don't select everyone but daaamn this is getting bored...

4 Days I have been waiting if I can finally launch my DayzRP launcher with ny friend ;_;

What's going on, someone pls rspond

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Hi there,

This is a commonly asked question which is answered in the FAQ's in the information tab:

Q: Why do I keep getting moved back in the whitelist queue? For example I was 4/39, now I am 37/52?

A: When people donate they get pushed up in the queue in front of non donors, also the applicants which submit better and longer applications get a priority in the queue and jump in front of you in the queue. Even though it will take longer, your application will eventually get viewed.

Basically, have patience as it will be reviewed but it may take a while. Its an automated system so you may get moved about a bit.

Hope this helps and welcome to the community!

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First time when i submitted my application it took around 1-2 days and i got rejected, then second time took almost month. you just need to be patience. no one can say how long it will take as Samaritan told you why.

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no problem :) just wait, and it will be worth it! and feel free to PM me if you have more questions :)

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