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Hello DayZRP community!

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Hello members of the DayZRP community. I would first like to say, I am extremely happy to have learnt about yourselves and what you do in DayZRP.

I myself am a huge roleplaying fan, I have been roleplaying on games for about six years now. Mostly on games like Lord of the Rings Online and World of Warcraft. I feel that joining up with the DayZRP community would be a huge leap forward in my roleplaying career, the fact that I would have to adapt to my own character within myself and speak for him as a person rather than typing out my lines would be extremely interesting and fun to do. Never before will I have done this kind of roleplaying, and I would be so happy to do so.

I have watched multiple videos on youtube that involve members of this community. Recently I finished up Chad's adventure with the Enclave and the members within it and it was amazing to watch you all roleplaying so well as a group and communicating as you do.

So from me to you, I am very happy to be here!

From your's truely, Michael!

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Hello and welcome to the community. While you wait for your application to be reviewed make sure you get yourself involved on the forum. There is plenty to read in the role-playing section.

All the best with your application!

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Guest King

We are happy you are here unless you are a troll :troll: hehe

Welcome to the community, if you have any questions feel free to PM me.

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