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Hello everyone,

I'm making this post to introduce my self. Lately I've been playing DayZ on DayZ Commander and I'm quite sick of the KOS/PVP servers that are offered. I don't believe that DayZ was intended for people to kill on sight. I'm hoping that this server is more role play than it is KOS/PVP. The whole point of the mod was to survive and live inside a post-apocalyptic zombie universe.

The DayZRP launcher was somewhat difficult to download/install so that it would work correctly. But I stayed at it for the soul purpose of playing an RP DayZ server. I was quite impressed with the actual launcher it's self. But discovered some difficulties trying to actually playing on the server it's self.

However I agree and fully support/understand the reasons behind white-listing. It allows the DayZRP staff to better understand their players and determine if they'll be suitable and mature enough to play on a server that supports role-playing. I do hope in the future whether or not I donate or wait until the white-listing application is available, to actually get white-listed on this server.

So thank you for reading this post and I look forward to the future role-play in the latest DayZ servers.


LegitComp(Legitimate Computer if you don't understand my name.)

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Hello and welcome to this community!

The whitelist is here for a reason to prevent those who would rather KoS than role-play. The rules are here to weed out those who don't wish to role-play and they are quickly dealt with.

I advise that you look around the forum and get a feel for this great community before you invest the time in applying (if you do it is totally worth it). Get involved on the forums, read up on the rules and what ever you decide to do have fun!

(make sure you post on another thread or you account gets deleted in a months time, post in this section don't count)

All the best!

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Thank you,

Thank you Samaritan for the reply. I'm looking forward to playing on the server. I hope the regular applications for the white-list are opened up for normal members soon. But if not I'll keep lurking around the forum to get a feel for the server's community and see if it's worth investing my time in.

Thanks again,


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