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Official Chernarus Lore

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There is this thread - and the ArmA 2 Lore kind of hints at who was in charge.

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See also http://www.dayzrp.com/t-chernarus-history-book-beta

Tomeran is the official LoreMaster of DayZRP. He's got a lot of threads detailing recent events and active factions involved in server events.

See especially http://www.dayzrp.com/t-ask-tomeran-about-rp-and-lore-stuff

and http://www.dayzrp.com/t-dayzrp-official-background-refined-edition

and http://www.dayzrp.com/t-staff-faction-objectives-resources-and-status

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What I am truly wondering is where did deadplex get this information?

Okay so I have a lot of points to state after reading the backstory.

So who is your group and what did they do before the infection? I understand from previous comments I think you want it to be more of a civilian commi group right? If so then why do these civilians already want to make a communist state? You say you were taught communism from... Who? The Chedaki? The radical terrorist group that put Chernarus in a massive brutal civil war that killed thousands of innocent people and forced the US to send in the Marine corps with the force recon group called Razor Team to intervene and pretty much save Chernarus, annnndd you hate them? I can see hating the "dogpigs" if your group had actual ties with the Chedaki but you fail to mention who taught you and your group the ways of Communism before the infection. Honestly this needs a lot of work, I suggest actually studying the backstory of Chernarus and getting to know the actual Arma lore because in the civil war the Chedaki were not nice to civilians because most civilians just wanted to stay out of the conflict, as a matter of fact the common folk hated everyone and just wanted to stay out of everything but they took the US and the actual government side as time went on.

"This is CSR! Please do not face me or my men but we would like to have a chat"

A voice that is raspy and Russian."

Don't you mean Chernarussian? This is not Russia this is Chernarus! The Chedaki may have had a heavy Russian influence but they are still Chernarussian. If anything you could have put Slavic instead.

ARMA 2's single-player campaign takes place in late 2009, in the province of South Zagoria in the north-eastern region of the fictional post-Soviet state of Chernarus, as well as the remote Chernarussian island of Útes. South Zagoria's approximately 225 square kilometers is based on actual satellite photos of České Středohoří, in northern Bohemia, Czech Republic. The precise location used is the remote area between Děčín and Ústí nad Labem.

Chernarus is in a state of political unrest, with its democratic government trying to keep from being overthrown by pro-communist rebels. Among the most powerful of these rebels is a group calling themselves the "Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star" (Chernarusskiy Dvizheniye Krasnoy Zvezdy), abbreviated as ChDKZ. Referred to by the locals as the "Chedakis", the ChDKZ are led by communist revolutionary, Gregori "Akula" (English: Shark) Lopotev. After many months of civil war, the ChDKZ fails to overthrow the current government and establish the Socialist Republic of Chernarus.[clarification needed] The Chernarussian government asks the international community for assistance in defeating the rebels, and the United States responded by sending a U.S. Navy Expeditionary Strike Group off the coast of Chernarus, hoping that a presence of an Amphibious Ready Group with hundreds of U.S. Marines stationed on board would calm any tensions in the area. However, the ChDKZ remains undeterred, and by late 2009 the ChDKZ launch a coup d'état against the Chernarussian government, taking control of the northeastern Chernarussian province of South Zagoria. This caused the remaining Chernarussian military forces in the area to retreat towards the coastal town of Zelenogorsk.

On 21 September 2009, as a part of their coup, the ChDKZ invade the island of Útes (home to a Chernarussian military training base). Overwhelmed, the remaining Chernarussian military forces in the area regrouped at a church in the Útes village of Strelka in an attempt to fight off the tenacious ChDKZ attack. Ultimately, the Chernarussian military forces on the island were overwhelmed by the massive onslaught, and the island fell to the ChDKZ. As a result, U.S. Marines, operating nearby from the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship, USS Khe Sanh (LHD-9), launched an amphibious invasion of Útes to liberate the island from the ChDKZ forces. Soon after the U.S. Marines landed on the island, the ChDKZ were routed, and Útes was liberated.

A few days after the liberation of Útes, U.S. Marines on board the USS Khe Sanh (LHD-9) prepared to deploy to mainland Chernarus in support of Operation Harvest Red, whose purpose is to bring an end to the civil war in Chernarus and re-establish Chernarussian sovereignty. Officially, the U.S. Marines are deploying to Chernarus as a peacekeeping force. In reality, they are there to capture ChDKZ leader "Akula", and to help defeat the ChDKZ once and for all.

"The War That Never Was": After helping the Chenarussians take back South Zagoria from the hands of the ChDKZ, Razor Team captures Lopotev at a hideout on a remote island off the Chernarussian coast. They are then ordered by their commanders to transfer him into Russian custody via General Shagarov of the Russian Ground Forces, an order that Razor Team resents due to the strong possibility of a ChDKZ-Russian conspiracy. However, they end up heeding the order anyway. During the prisoner transfer, Loptoev is freed in an ambush orchestrated by a rogue elements of the Russian Spetsnaz GRU. Razor Team fights back and kills all of the ambushers, identifying one of them as "Karelin", a rogue Spetsnaz soldiers that was responsible for several war crimes, atrocities, and the deaths of several U.S. Marines, including that of Ian Simmons, one of Razor Team's colleagues who helped free them when they were captured by the ChDKZ earlier in the campaign. Despite Lopotev escaping, the ChDKZ is essentially defeated, with the Chernarussians tracking down the stragglers. Chernarus eventually becomes a powerful, free, and stable democracy, even sending their armed forces on United Nations peacekeeping missions into neighboring Takistan a few years later, in 2012

So as you can see most Civilians had no reason to really like communism as a whole and were more keen on the idea of democracy. I Hope this helps and you can use this information to make the clan more unique and such. I wish you luck with the idea and any other projects you might be working on.

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Russia is actually fairly close to Chernarussia, here's a map of the region:

Got it from this thread: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-where-is-chernarus-well-here-it-is?highlight=where+is+chernarus


So it's possible for some Russians to migrate to Chernarussia. Very possible actually, that's why you'll also see some Takistan people in Chernarussia as well. We also follow the whole Arma 2 lore, which if you played it, was full of Russians (with a bit of Chernarussians too) attempting to take over Chernarussia. Quite harshly actually, but the US military along with another group of Russians (I think it was Spetznaz or something) took down the Chedakiz, the group attempting to take over Chernarus.

Yes, ChDKZ is what he is reffering to as Chedakiz.

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The political and economic history of Chernarus follows Arma canon. There's stuff out there on the web, but most of what matters is covered above.

It's been brought to my attention that the first link I provided above (http://www.dayzrp.com/t-chernarus-history-book-beta) conflicts with the official lore in some parts. Tomeran's official lore supersedes whatever is written in that thread.

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